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Clemente Montoya ~ Will 1753

I, Clemente Montolla, a native of this kingdom of New Mexico, am ill in bed and make my final testament. 

I was married to Josepha Lujan from which marriage we had and reared nine children who are:  Francisca, Antonia, Manuel, Teodora, Luisa, Salvador, Manuela, Barvera, Maria and of these five are dead and the rest are of age.

I also declare that I was married a second time to Maria Vaca, from which marriage we had and reared eight children who are:  Lorenzo, Mariana, Jose, Santiago, Juan Domingo, Maria Louisa, Pedro Antonio and Antonia, and of these two are dead; whom I declare as my heirs with my aforesaid wife.

I declare that I own a house which is composed of three rooms and a portal and a piece of land as evidence of a grant. I order my executors to divide my rights, which is the half which is my shares and divide them in equal parts among my heirs.

I declare that during my first marriage we had enjoyed a piece of land which is in the locality of San Buenaventura de Chimayo and this belongs to my children of the first marriage.  I order that they shall divide the land into equal parts.  I had to sell the shell of the house and patio which I had in order to be able to support myself.

I declare four colts and leave them to my wife.  I declare that Antonio Sandoval owes me sixteen pesos and I order that they be collected.  I declare that ___ owes me one peso, I order it collected.  I declare that Miguel Romero owes me buffalo skin, I order it collected.  I declare that Jose Cordova owes me four reales, I order it collected.  I declare that Juan, the Tequn Ute Indian, owes me one peso for twenty logs which he ordered put for the price of two pesos; he owes me one, I order it collected.  I declare that Andres Arguello owes me two pesos, I order that they be collected.  

I declare that I owe twelve reales to __, I order it paid. 

I leave my wife, Maria Vaca, and Juan Jose Sandoval as my executors and guardians of my property.  I did not sign as I do not know how.  Salvador Varela signed it by request on the 3rd day fo September 1753 at San Antonio.

Assisting witness:  Salvador Varela, rubric
Ju Jph Sandoval, receiving judge. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #494, Reel 3, Frame 655-658
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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