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Antonio de Luna ~ Estate 1786 con't

On said day month and year I, the said Alcalde Mayor, proceeded to ascertain from doña Maria Catarina Pino what has become of the property which is missing which is mentioned above. don Miguel Lucero, acting as Guardian, was present at the time of the said charge and the answer, as well at that all the rest that has been done.  The aforesaid woman answered as follows: the hoe is worn-out in-service to the household; she paid the trousers for four masses, the receipt for which she lost; she gave to jacket for 12 masses and the horse for 20 masses, the receipts for which she did not find, but she promises to produce proof; the cloak was worn-out in-service; she sold the mule for one yoke of oxen; and the cart is entirely useless.  Of the 1012 head of sheep which were in existence the year her husband died, 312 died because of the carelessness the gathering the rams together out of season and because of the plague of lice, which she will get proof. She paid 40 ewes for the burial fee for her deceased husband, 12 sheep for a novena of low masses and one high mass which she paid to father Fray Jose Narro, whom she paid for the funeral.  There were 20 head for 20 masses which she paid to the priest José Cayetano Bernal; also 118 which are lost by the mayordomo of the herd, Justo Marquez, which he still owes; also 21 head of sheep which she paid for masses to the Rev. Fray Carral; also two oxen which were killed by the enemies; one ox which she gave for the shroud.  For the mandatory legacies, four pesos were deducted from the sheep that existed at the time, and 36 pesos for fees for the inventory and appraisement.

After finishing this inventory and appraisement I find it with my assisting witnesses, which I certify -  Manuel de Arteaga, at the request of Miguel Lucero and Juan Francisco Baca and Miguel Gabaldon.

At the Villa of Santa Fe on June 23, 1784, I, the Gov. of this province of New Mexico, should and do order the Alcalde Mayor who has acted in both proceedings to require the said guardians to state if he is or is not satisfied with that inventory and appraisement according to the knowledge or information he may have regarding the property. He may also be able to ascertain the right and share of the minors, to whom a portion of thereof belongs, besides the tract of land which is indicated by the deceased Luna, if he brought by paternal inheritance, he brought in any other property, either by his rights are by maternal or by some other means, to the marriage he contracted with doña Pino; and finally whatever more he may have to represent in favor of the said minors.  Juan Bapta de Anza, (rubric), Francisco Perez Serrano (rubric), Vizente Troncoso, (rubric).

In this Pueblo of San Augustine de Ysleta, on the sixth day of the month of July 1784, in prompt obedience and ordered by the governor of the province of New Mexico, I, the Alcalde Mayor of this jurisdiction caused to present himself before me don Miguel Lucero, whom I appointed as guardian for the minor children of the deceased. I asked the questions contained in the above decree; answering the first point thereof he says he is satisfied and agrees with what has been inventoried and appraised and that he asks for his clients only the following:

First that the principal document he produced as well as the other instruments which may exist in favor of the inventoried tract of land for the greater security of his client.

Second that he also misses in the said inventory 50 varas of cultivated land in the locality of Tome which was inherited from her parents by doña Josefa Lucero, mother of Antonio de Luna and grandmother of the minors. He also misses in the exhibit of the property that he knows the said Antonio Luna left at his estate at the time of his death, such things as one leather jacket, one lance, one chisel, one adze, one large new Michoacán chest and two hoes besides the one which has been shown; that he likewise asks payment for 60 ewes which were taken from the main herd last year and which were delivered to the soldier Diego Peña and which he knows were sold by don Cleto de Miera.  He also asks for the receipts for the masses for the soul of the deceased Antonio Luna, which the widow doña Maria Catalina Pino states she has paid, and the other expenses she had for the shroud and funeral; and that is what she asks in favor of his client.

In consideration of what is asked in the foregoing order and decree by the Guardian of the minor children of the deceased Luna, the transmission of the foregoing proceedings so that within the term of three-days she may add to the grantor the title of the ranch which, it is stated, belong to her first husband, the receipts for the masses, the one for the mandatory legacies, and those for the funeral which gave as exoneration in the inventory.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #462, Reel #3, Frames 387-430.
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