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Maria Manuela ~ widow of Juan Lozano 1765

I, Maria Manuela (no surname noted), widow of Juan Lozano, deceased, native of this kingdom and resident of this villa of Santa Fe, find myself ill in bed, I order and make this my will in the following form and manner.

I declare that I was married according to the holy church to the aforesaid deceased, from which marriage we had and reared five children: Juana, Jose, Antonia, Juan Alfonso, and Ysidro died wife while still a boy. I declare those who are still living as my legitimate children and of the aforesaid deceased, my husband, whom I leave and name is my heirs.

I declare that I have as my property, a house in this place of Analco, with four rooms for habitation.

I declare as my property, a piece of ground which is in the back of my house. Another piece of farmland which is there above, and my children already know which it is.

Another piece of farmland which my children, likewise, know which it is.

I leave as my property, a house with lock of ordinary wood.

I declare as my goods 15 small pictures and large pictures of different Saints.

I declare that independent of my goods I leave one room which is adjoining my house. I have given it to my grandson Manuel Antonio, with a piece of land, which I separated shall be delivered to him, and is my last will that the rest of my goods, of land and house, shall be divided in equal parts among my son, and his sisters, whom I declare as my legitimate heirs.

I and all and revoke whatever other testament, memorandum or codicil may be found authorized before this. The Honorable Alcalde Mayor of this capital was present in and its authorization will whom I entreated to invest it with this authority and judicial sanction.

I, said Alcalde Mayor, know the grantor and I was that her house and that her authorization she is in her sound and natural judgment. In order to complete this, my testament, it is my wish to name is my executor my son, José Lozano, and the grantor did not sign, because she said she did not know how, and that her request, José Miguel Garduño signed it with me and the undersigned witnesses.

Dated in this villa of Santa Fe on the 13th day of the month of January the year 1765.

At the request of the grantor, José Miguel Garduño
Francisco Guerrero (rubric)
Joseph Mares (rubric)

**In the 1750 Santa Fe census they are enumerated as:  Juan Lozano, Maria Manuela, Juana Maria, Ygnacio Antonio, Juana, Miguel Cruz, Pedro Milian and two children. [some of these people could be grandchildren and other spouses of her children]

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 452, Reel 3, Frames 319-322
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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