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Luis Jaramillo ~ Will 1764

I, Luis Xaramillo, legitimate son of Cristobal Xaramillo, now deceased and of Leonor Dominguez, both born here and citizens of this kingdom and a corporal of this Royal Garrison; being ill and suffering in bed make my last will and testament.

I declare that I have been veiled and married according to the rights of our holy mother Church to doña Maria Antonia Lucero de Godoy for 33 years, in which time we had and begot three children, two girls and one boy, all of whom God saw fit to take to himself at an early age.

I declare as my goods the house where I reside, which is composed of 17 rooms, six above and the rest below, the patio and the furniture, all of which is inside the house, which it is my will that my wife enjoy.

I declare that I have a piece of land adjoining said house, half of which is made into a garden.

I declare that I have two other pieces of land, the one at the upper part of the River of this Villa, and the other on the south side of said river at Buena Vista, which is my will; this my said wife shall enjoy.

I declare that I have given 30 breeding cows on shares for a period of eight years to Francisco Duran, resident of Ojo Caliente, with the obligations of getting seven head each year from the increase, five heifers and two little bulls and when the period has been completed in the month of August of the year 1765, he shall be obligated to deliver 82 cattle that is the principal and the increase in their respective ages.

I declare as my goods 600 head of sheep which are separated into two blocks the 300 each. What Jose Martin, resident of Abiquiu, there are 300 giving of their increased 70 sheep which he has in his possession for this present year up to the time of August, for which time I have paid him for the care of said sheep. The other 300 are in possession of my brother Salvador Xaramillo, on the same shares.

I declare a cart fully equipped with two yoke of oxen.  I declare as my good nine horses and two mules.

I declare as my goods, my weapons of war, a lands, gun, pistols, powder bags and cartridge box, which is the total of my weapons with which I served the King.

I declare that Antonio Garcia, resident of told me, owes me one horse and 15 pesos which he has to bring me.

I declare that the widow of Antonio Valverde owes me four pesos, Salvador Torres being her bondsman.

I declare that my brother-in-law, Pedro Lucero, owes me a mule, 26 hides and 4 horses, with 54 silver pesos, which I paid to Francisco Padilla, resident of this Villa as will be evident by his note.

I order that from the fifth part of my goods be given to a little nephew of mine whom I have raised, eight head of cattle and 60 ewes and that my executor shall deliver these to him whenever he may be given each to manage them.

My name is my executors and the guardians of my estate in the first place my wife doña Maria Antonia Lucero de Godoy and in the second don Felipe Tafoya who I am entirely satisfied will execute and fulfill this last will. My last wish being that my wife enjoy all of the goods declared by me, as my lawful heiress with God’s blessing in mind, trusting as I do trust that my executors will comply with that which is ordered by me. For its greater validity I requested my Lieut. and Ensign to sign it and I said Lieut., signed it with my Ensign for the grantor, because he did not know how to sign, it being evident to me that all that is contained in this testament is that he has said. And I find it with two witnesses who were present on the 27th day of the month of December of the year 1764.

Thomas Madrid rubric, Francisco Esquibel (rubric)
Witnesses: Diego Antonio Marques (rubric), José Maldonado (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #418, Reel 3, Frame 201-204
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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