Thursday, August 8, 2013

Juan Manuel Herrera ~ Will 1753

I, Juan Manuel de Herrera in this Villa of Santa Cruz am ill and make my last will and testament.

I name my wife, Juana Xaramillo, as my executrix in conjunction with my son Juan de Herrera.

I declare that I have been married to Juana Xaramillo for the period of 22 years, and from this marriage we had and raised seven children who are, Petronilo Juan, Rosalia, Manuel (Marcial) Joseph, Maria de la Luz, Antonia, Antonio Candido and Santiago who died at a young age, the said children are my legal heirs as is my wife.

I declare as my property a 12 room house and lot eight varas in width and in length from the bank of the acequia madre to the lands inherited by my wife.

I declare as my chattels 170 head of breeding cattle of all sizes ewes and goats, and 104 lambs, young lambs, female kids and male kid.

I declare two yoke of oxen, one old cart complete with yoke and yoke straps.
I declare one plow point, one axe and one adze.
I declare one horse, an escopeta and case, one shield, one old cowboy saddle, one bridle and one soldier spurs.
I declare one Michoacán chests painted in oil with its hinges and locks and one copper roaster pan.
I declare one old cloth Cape, one pair of buckskin trousers and one old hat.
I declare that I owe Gregorio Garcia three lambs, I order it paid.
I declare that I owe Juan de Dios Romero one whether un-sheared, I order it paid.
I declare that Jose Gomes owes me one colt; I gave him one buckskin and stockings I order to collect the colt and to pay him the two pesos.
I declare that I do not owe anybody else but in case any that appears I order it paid.
I declare that don Carlos Mirabal owes me nine pesos of the land I order it to be collected.
I declare that if any person owes me a justifiable that, I order it to be collected.
I declare that I have not executed any other instrument that speaks concerning this matter and that I revoke on all and cancel any. This will is executed at the Villa of Santa Cruz the executor being sick in bed on the 12th day of the month of June in the year 1753.

At the request of the executor and his assisting witnesses,
Francisco Valdes y Bustos, Juan Jose Lobato, Pablo Trujillo.

Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series 1, Reel 3, Twitchell #406, Frames 96-99
 ©Henrietta M. Christmas

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