Monday, August 5, 2013

Garduño Sells Land to Herrera ~ Santa Fe 1754

In this Villa of Santa Fe on 16 June of 1754, before me, Nicolas Ortiz alcalde of the said villa appeared Jose Garduño, resident of the Villa. Garduño stated that he was selling and in fact sold the land to Jose Herrera, soldier and residents of this Villa, consisting of one-five room house, and two tracts of land.

The boundaries from North to South began at the point of the foundation of the house of Diego Duran, now deceased, and extend as far as the house of the said purchaser, and Herrera. And the other boundary begins at the same house, which is being sold and extends to the Rio Chiquito, it is being understood that the patio on the north of the said house of the deceased lady, Diega, belongs to her son, Gabriel, with corresponding entrance and exit rights on the north side.

He sold the said house and lands to said Jose Herrera for himself, his heirs and successors for the price and amount of 60 pesos, current money of the land. The instrument was witnessed by Miguel Tenorio, Marcial Gonzales and the Vicente Sena.

Signed Nicolas Ortiz, José Miguel Garduño, and at the request of José Herrera – Juan José de Ycuza y Elisondo.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 3, Twitchell #407, Frames 100-102
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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