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Bartola Hurtado ~ Will 1762

I declare having been married with don Joseph de Bustamante Tagle, according to the rites of our Holy Mother Church, for the period of seven years, and during our married life we had and raised, five children, who are Bernardo, Joseph Maria, Antonia, Isidro, and Juan Antonio deceased whom I declare as my legitimate children and heirs.

I declare as my chattels, first the one half of my house and one half of the land.

I declare six oil paintings.

A picture of St. Anthony, and of Our Lady of Guadalupe in cloth.

A Michoacan box.

A Kimono which has not been cut and is of brown color, a small towel with silver fringe.

A pair of skirts, and also a skirt and shawl.

An old underskirt also a pair of serge skirts very reasonable, a pair of silk hose already used.

A mattress, an old black quilt and a new blanket.

An old kettle, an old flat pan and a kitchen spit.

50 breeding ewes in the possession of Juan Gonzales, resident of the settlement of Alameda jurisdiction of this villa of Albuquerque, as appears by the writing that the said party has made to me.

3 cows and one yearling heifer.

That Juan Gonzales owes me 70 pesos, and a serge dress pattern, and the balance to be paid in dry goods.

That Manuel Gregorio Rael, owes me 6 pesos.

Cristobal Gonzales owes me 3 pesos.

Juan Baca owes me 4 pesos

Santiago Ortiz, owes me ten pesos.

Bernardo Valdez owes me 2 pesos.

Tom owes me two pair of hose.

Jose Trujillo paisano owes me 2 pair of hose.

Fabian Chaves owes me 3 pesos.

Joseph Maes owes me 2 pesos.

The widow of Antonio Gonzales owes me 4 pesos and an empty barrel by Dalio Archuleta.

An old male mules.

An old pack saddle.

Lazaro Garcia owes me a serge dress pattern with all its trimmings.

I owe two pesos to Salvador Martin.

I owe Juan Francisco Martinez six pesos.

I declare that all the chattels, which I have mentioned, came to me after the death of my deceased husband, don Joseph Bustamante, as evidence by his last will and testament, which is in the possession of Captain Nicolas Ortiz.

I order that after the payment of my funeral shroud of our Father, St. Francis and concluding all that I have ordered, I direct my administrators who are first, Captain don Bernardo de Bustamante y Tagle and I name a second administrator, Santiago Hurtado, my brother, and a third administrator, Juan Urtado and the first administrator not being present.  Dated it at this villa of Santa Fe, on the 13th March, 1762.  Signed Manuel Gallego (rubric), wit Thomas Armijo and Pedro Antonio Tafoya

Inventory done by Manuel Gallego.

One half of the house and half of the lands, valued at 200 pesos common currency.

Five hides of ¾ each, the 3 new @ 6 pesos and 3 old @ 3 pesos each, 24 pesos

Two pictures, painted on skin, one large and one small @ 2 pesos

A Michoacan box, with hinges, lock and key, @ 8 pesos

One blackberry handle rather fine, @ 40 pesos

9 varas of lace @  3 each, 27 pesos

One silk neck scarf, with silver fringe, slightly used @ 50 pesos

One ribbed silk undershirt with silver fringe @ 20 pesos

One pair of used silk hose @ 5 pesos

An old mattress, @ 4 pesos

An old black quilt, @ 10 pesos

A blanket, @ 8 pesos

A patched copper kettle @ 8 pesos

A flat pan, comal, @ 12 pesos

A large hoe @ 1 peso

A writing from which it appears that Juan Gonzales owes 250 breeding ewes, with 33 lamb ewes, the one half of the partido of last years yield, and the other half which consists of 33 male lambs, which the administrator acknowledges having received from the said deceased and therefore, they valued the said ewes @ 2 pesos each and the year old lambs @ 1 peso each = 533 pesos.

3 breeding cows @ 20 pesos, 60 pesos

A year old heifer @ 6 pesos

Juan Gonzales owes me 60 pesos

Manuel Gregorio Vigil, owes 6 pesos

Cristobal Gonzales owes 3 pesos

Joseph Baca, owes 4 pesos

Santiago Ortiz owes 16 pesos

Bernardo Valdez, owes 4 pesos

Joseph Trujillo, an Indian, owes 2 pair of hose, = 4 pesos

The widow of Antonio Gonzales, 4 pesos

Hilario Archuleta, owes an empty barrel, 6 pesos

Of chattels, a mule and a pair of steers at 17 pesos

Sesario Garcia, the soldier, a serge pattern and trimmings 30 pesos

There is due to Salvador Martinez, 2 pesos to Juan Francisco Martin 6 pesos, total of 8 pesos

Added to the chattels an iron bar at 15 pesos

A small burro, 2 pesos

An axe at 4 pesos.   [incomplete]

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 3, Twitchell #409, Frames 107-118
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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