Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nicolasa Gonzales ~ Children's Inheritance 1767

At Santa Fe, on November 28, 1767, before me, Francisco Guerrero, Alcalde Mayor of the villa appears Antonia Duran y Chavez and her grandchildren: Augustina, Francisca and Vicente, there being present as witness don Miguel de Aliri, Lucas Moya and Ygnacio Madrid, residents of this villa.

The aforesaid Antonia Chavez stated that the above mentioned grandchildren have a piece of land which they inherited from their mother, Nicolasa Gonzales, deceased and the said woman, finding herself in great need not only of clothes but of food in order to feed and cover them, because she is not able to do so as she had done thus far from the time they were born up to the their present increased age, for these reasons is obliged to avail herself of selling the said piece of land.  The heirs being present with their grandmother agreed.  And so they conveyed in royal sale to Pedro Antonio Gonzales, resident a piece of agricultural land for cultivation that is on the lower part of the river of said villa.  From west to east 141 varas and three cuartas.  Sold for the price of 100 pesos de la tierra.

Bounded from west to west on the west are land of Jose Chabes; east lands of Ana Maria Gonzales; north the hills; south the river of the villa.  Signed Francisco Guerrero (rubric) Wit/ Miguel de Aliri and Jose Miguel Tafoya.

[Is she the daughter of Juan Angel Gonzales and Antonia Chavez?  Is her brother Pedro Antonio Gonzales the person the lands were sold to?]

A Nicolasa Gonsales was buried on 14 Dec 1764, m. Tadeo Lovato, 30 years old in Santa Fe.  This could be her? Was the Grandmother named as guardian because he remarried?

References: Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #365, Reel 2, Frames 1013-1015
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