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Maria Hurtado ~ Will 1725

I declare that I was married according to the Rite of our mother, the Catholic Church for a period of forty-six years, more or less to Antonio Montoya, deceased, during which time we procreated and had as our lawful children, Juan Antonio, Andres, Angela, Juana Maria Antonia, Nicolasa, Tomasa, Antonio and Manuela.

A piece of land that my hold three fanegas and a half of wheat see, which I bequeath to my son Antonio Montoya.

I declare that I bequeath to the holy church of this villa, one statue of Christ which is over one half vara in size.

I declare that I bequeath to my daughter Juana Montoya, one skin lined with fine linen and one chemise of Rouen linen.

I declare that I bequeath to my grandson Miguel Ortiz, one mattress and one woolen sheet.

I declare that I bequeath to my granddaughter Francisca Montoya, one blanket and woolen sheet.

I declare that I bequeath to our holy church one statue of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad with frame, the size of one cuarta, the said Señora to be placed as a decoration on the altar of Saint Anthony.

And in order to comply with my last will and testament, I request Captain Miguel Jose de la Vega y Coca, Alcalde Mayor and War Captain to interpose his authority for its greater force and validity.   
Executed at this said villa on the 28 day of the month of December of this present year 1725, noting as Receiving Judge with the undersigned assisting witnesses in the absence of a public or royal notaries, as there are none in this kingdom, on the present paper because the royal seal is not available in these parts.

Witnesses:  Juan Manuel Chirinos (rubric), Tomas de Sena (rubric), At the request of Sebastian Gonzales – Juan Manuel Chirinos (rubric)

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 405, Reel 3, Frames 92-95
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  1. Maria Hurtado is my dad's eighth great grandmother, among other relationships. Relationship to my father: Maria Hurtado, Juana Montoya, Maria Estela Palamino Rendon, Luis Felipe Rivera, Ana Maria Rivera, Jose Francisco Sena, Concepcion Sena, Maria Rita Luna, Juan B. Cabeza de Baca y Luna, Robert Bourguignon Baca, Robert Carlos Baca.