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Manuel Gallegos ~ 1763 Estate

In this villa of Santa Fe, on the 30th day of the month of December in 1763, I don Nicolas Ortiz, certify that don Gallegos, formerly Alcalde Mayor of this villa, died intestate on the 29th of said month and make a demand that the Lt Governor, make an inventory of the property of the deceased.  Signed Nicolas Ortiz, with witnesses; Pedro Tafoya and Jose Miguel Garduño

On the said day month and year, I the Lt. Governor ordered and being at the home of the said don Manuel Gallegos, deceased, commenced to make an inventory of his holdings as follows:

One house that consists of four rooms, one large hall, one room, one kitchen, and one store room, (150 pesos) that are all built upon thirty varas of land with all its agricultural lands lying adjoining the house, that consist from north to south 400 hundred and some varas and from east to west 200 varas (100 pesos).

One old saddle with its equipment (40 pesos).  One old rife with is case “San Miquelena.” (30 pesos) One pair of spurs (6 pesos).  One leather jacket with six button holes (40 pesos).  One coat of Spanish cloth and pants of the same (45 pesos).  One pipe with an old gold stem (8 pesos). One old hat (3 pesos). One cloth cloak from “Queretaro.” (15 pesos) One axe (4 pesos). One weaving frame (15 pesos). Fourteen male mules and one unbroken mule (460 pesos). One female burro (15 pesos). One male mule that is to be paid by a servant of Vicar Santiago.  Five pesos due him by Roque Lobato.  Three pesos due him by the Indian Antonio Vigil. Joseph Antonio, alias “Cajetito” Indian genizaro.  Due by Miguel Romero, deceased one cow and calf (25 pesos).  Due by the deceased six varas of cloth to Bicente Martinez, soldier (6 pesos).  Due by deceased, to Pedro Rendon, three pesos.

Concluding for the present with this inventory, until getting back to the villa, Mateo Marquez and Anselmo Gallegos, son-in-laws of the said deceased, who are away on business regarding this property and will proceed with the inventory on their return.  I signed in the presence of the witnesses – Nicolas Ortiz, wit/ Pedro Tafoya and Jose Miguel Garduño.

On the 12th of March of the present year, there having arrived in this villa, Mateo Marquez and Anselmo Gallegos, I placed them under oath and each of them made the sign of the cross, by which they promised to tell the truth to their knowledge and said that they had in their possession, five male mules and serge cloth with trimmings (30 pesos), four pairs of shoes (8 pesos), two handkerchiefs (3 pesos), one piece of cloth sufficient to make a cape ((24 pesos), one peso in soap (1 peso), two pounds of chocolate and two pounds of sugar (6 pesos), one-half pound of bluing (2 pesos), three varas of ribbon (1.5 pesos), three canvas sheets for the patio (24 pesos) and one cotton shawl (5 pesos).  Said property being acquired by the sale of two male mules and six fanegas of piñon nuts, also five pesos in silver, which were delivered in good to the widow of the deceased Manuel Gallegos, six equipment’s with riata lassos (24 pesos) and that the property above referred to, the only property that they had in their possession belonging to the said deceased and so they affirm under oath and declare they are of legal age, Mateo Marquez, 29 and Anselmo Gallegos, 20 years old.  Signed Nicolas Ortiz, Mateo Marquez, Pedro Tafoya and Jose Miguel Garduño.

Juana Maria Baca, widow of Manuel Gallegos, appear before your Majesty, and state that the death of my husband, without making a will or testament, and having made a true inventory of his property that at present they were present and agree to suspending the division and conclusion in their parts until all property belonging to the said deceased should be found and land that is in charge of Mateo Marquez, my son-in-law.

I ask that a just division be made, but when I married my deceased husband, I brought with me and placed in his possession 156 ewes, a part in two ranches farming land that I inherited from my father and which were sold by my husband for the price and value of 196 pesos and being as they are the property that was left after the death of my said husband and bound to deliver to me as the principal that I brought into matrimony and I ask that justice be done until such time that said principal has been placed in my possession and if any should be left, that the same be divided with due justice.  Signed Juana Maria Baca.


References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #363, Reel 2, Frames 998-1009
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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