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Sgt. Juan Jose Duran y Chavez con't

On April 6 1783, in San Carlos de Alameda, by order of the Governor, the alcalde don Nerio Antonio Montoya went to the house of the deceased Jose Chaves.  Of the two, Juan Lucero (son-in-law), who said had nothing to neither ask for nor demand for anything, because he was pleased with the ordered agreement.  The other which is a soldier, or who is representing his wife, who did not wish to present the said documents, to tell me that he had the commission to practice. 

The said widow, Elena Gurule, wife of the said deceased, obeyed the said order for a new inventory.  She would comply.  Signed Nerio Antonio Montoya, (rubric), wit/ Jose Marcelo Gallegos, Jacinto Gutierrez

Inventory list, but I’ll just show the family relations:

Antonio de Armijo some cows, husband to Barbara Chaves, daughter to the deceased.  She has not returned the cows.

Her dowry, two cows and their calves, 300 varas which her deceased husband sold to Cristobal Gonzales with her consent.  Another share of 27 varas inherited form her mother (Gurule), sold to Tadeo Garcia for 27 pesos. 

Next frame:
11 April 1783.  The papers are not being presented by the heirs as requested.  ...because they had hid the dowry which the said widow brought in jurisdiction of her husband, which was nothing.  As her mother-in-law, Gertrudis Sanchez, declared.  Of whom I took the oath, and said that the 50 heads of sheep she had given to them at the time of the second marriage, and that her son, married the first time with a very poor girl, whose parents were not known.  And that being the women of the one same house, my son would not marry the two sisters, although it was supposed that one was adopted and the other legitimate and from the same said house the two marriages took place.  First he married the adopted one, the reason for which she brought now dowry.  The other heir, who is Juan Lucero, he said that he had nothing to ask.  On taking his oath in order to show his documents to his rights, he said “he had none” because he was sure his mother-in-law had not brought a thing as a dower, thus, signed, etc.

Next testimony:
April 9 1783, he had been summoned by Elena Gurule, whose witnesses having been interrogated of what he knew of this particular subject about the first marriage, he said he had known her and that they had lived together during their marriage, and that he always knew her to be a very poor woman, even in doing his own necessary work, he would lend him a horse.  The said Nicolas Montoya was a son-in-law of the deceased Antonio Gurule, brother-in-law to the widow Elena, wife of the deceased Chavez, that the said Chavez was married first to the adopted daughter and afterwards to the said Elena, his sister-in-law. And that the said Chaves was married to the adopted one, but for 4 years.  This is the truth of the oath he has taken and that in the said four years, that his marriage lasted, he did not know anything of any goods, and after reading his declaration, said to be same that he had given. [not sure if they were only married for four years]

Next testimony:
8th April 1783, the widow of the deceased Jose Chavez, came before me, so I take the deposition.  For which I had them summoned who are:  Juan Antonio Gurule, Serafino Gurule,

First:  Juan Antonio Gurule, neighbor of the town of San Antonio that he had sold to Cristobal Gonzales 300 varas of waste land for the price of 250 pesos, around 1761.  He declared these lands to have been acquired by the paternal party of Elena Gurule, I declare the deceased Jose Chaves, having sold to the deceased, Tadeo Garcia de Noriega, the amount of 27 varas of agriculture land for 27 pesos.  Signed Mateo Duran and the request of Joseph Carrillo Lopez de Viera, wit/ Antonio Garcia.
Carpio Gurule:  neighbor of the town of San Antonio, declared and said he had sold to don Cristobal Gonzales 300 varas of barren land for the price of 250 pesos in 1761.  (The same as the first one), signed...

Say I, Gertrudes Sanchez, that I certify to tell the truth, That when my son married his first wife, I gave him a piece of serge, 3 varas of English cloth, a used black shawl, one pair of shoes, one pair of silk stockings, 50 head of sheep, they were married 3 years.  Signed...

Say I, Jose Gurule, to be the truth, that the deceased, Jose Chavez, my brother-in-law that he received ten goats, that my mother the deceased Maria Antonia gave to him, and that he received the ten goats at the ranch of the Rio Puerco.  Two witnesses were Baltasar Griego and Juan Antonio Garcia, signed.

Say I, Jose Gurule, did receive some inheritance from my mother, but I do not remember.

Say I, Colusa Chaves that the never brought with her but a skirt of sabanilla and shirt and a grinding stone.  This is what the deceased Maria Antonia, brought with her when she married and a little locket which she wore.

April 2 1783, on behalf of Barbara Chavez, daughter of the first marriage of Jose Chaves and deceased, intestate, which run are (then the record is missing)

Getrudis takes another oath, this woman of the 2nd marriage, and their son had already two sons in that woman, then three children that his Gertrudis had, who the elder is Salvador Chaves, Nicolasa Chaves and Jose Chaves, to these he allotted some (sheep) heads.  That from the first wife, she did not know that the said had brought any dowry.  While during the first marriage, she had supported them until the death of his wife and afterwards he married with the other one, and she gave them what she had stated above.  She was 79 years old. ....

April 16 1783, summoned Antonia Gutierres, heir of Getrudis Sanchez, for being married to a daughter of the said deceased and having married before the deceased Chaves died.  He did not know that the deceased during the first marriage, had any goods.  He named all the children of his mother in law, Getrudes Sanches as Salvador, Nicolasa, Jose Chavez. 

Facundo Gonzales testimony, 48 years old, grandchild of Antonio Gurule, having lived in the house Elena.

They finally agree on what everyone brought to the marriage and start valuing it. 

  1. Maria Manuela, land in Albuquerque, belongs to 8 heirs, 45 varas to each one. 5.62 ½ pesos.
  2. Maria Polonia’s schedule of shares, 5.62 ½ pesos.
  3. Juan Cristobal scheduled shares, 5.62 1/2 pesos.
  4. Maria Cecilia’s share "
  5. Maria Petra’s share "
  6. Maria Gertrudes shares "
  7. Maria Angela’s share "
  8. Isidro Antonio’s shares "
 From first marriage:
  1. Barbara Chavez, 65.75 pesos
  2. Francisca Chavez, deceased same.  

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series 1, Reel 2, Frames 316-352, Twitchell #250
©Henrietta M. Christmas  

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