Friday, June 28, 2013

Estate Lands of Governor Felix Martinez ~ 1739

In the villa of Santa Fe, on July 27, 1739, before me Captain Antonio Montoya, alcalde mayor and Captain of War of said villa, and my two witnesses, with whom I act as Resolver in the absence of royal or public notaries, of which there are none in this Kingdom; appeared don Juan Garcia de la Mora a resident of the jurisdiction of the villa of Santa Cruz, whom I certify to know and he said that he has in this said villa of Santa Fe a house which is composed of a hall and ten rooms, besides another without a roof and in ruins, and a patio, which said house is located on the street that looks towards the camino real which leads to Tesuque and also a nice piece of land in which ban be planted two fanegas of wheat, more or less.

The boundaries of the said house and lands are north, lands of Juan Lucero and Maria de Ledesma; south, the lands of Juan Paez Hurtado, don Francisco Guerrero and lands of Estevan Rodrigues; east said lands and house of Juan Lucero and west the lands of Rosa Lucero. 

The said house and lands were sold to Jose Garcia, master tailor, resident of this villa by don Juan Garcia de la Mora in a Royal Sale as attorney for the estate of the former Captain, don Felix Martinez, deceased, by general power of attorney given him by the executor, don Antonio de Otero y Hernandes, for the price and sum of 450 pesos in merchandise. Which were:  two pesos, one vara of Rouen Linen, two of the same, a patio, four pesos, one vara of serge, etc.

The said amount of 450 pesos was received by the said don Juan Garcia to his satisfaction.  Signed Juan Garcia de la Mora, Antonio Montoya, wit/ Leonardo Anevodo and Bernardo Baltazar Montoya.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #350, Reel 2, Frames  911-913
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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