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Estate Lands of Governor Felix Martinez ~ 1739

In the villa of Santa Fe, on July 27, 1739, before me Captain Antonio Montoya, alcalde mayor and Captain of War of said villa, and my two witnesses, with whom I act as Resolver in the absence of royal or public notaries, of which there are none in this Kingdom; appeared don Juan Garcia de la Mora a resident of the jurisdiction of the villa of Santa Cruz, whom I certify to know and he said that he has in this said villa of Santa Fe a house which is composed of a hall and ten rooms, besides another without a roof and in ruins, and a patio, which said house is located on the street that looks towards the camino real which leads to Tesuque and also a nice piece of land in which ban be planted two fanegas of wheat, more or less.

The boundaries of the said house and lands are north, lands of Juan Lucero and Maria de Ledesma; south, the lands of Juan Paez Hurtado, don Francisco Guerrero and lands of Estevan Rodrigues; east said lands and house of Juan Lucero and west the lands of Rosa Lucero. 

The said house and lands were sold to Jose Garcia, master tailor, resident of this villa by don Juan Garcia de la Mora in a Royal Sale as attorney for the estate of the former Captain, don Felix Martinez, deceased, by general power of attorney given him by the executor, don Antonio de Otero y Hernandes, for the price and sum of 450 pesos in merchandise. Which were:  two pesos, one vara of Rouen Linen, two of the same, a patio, four pesos, one vara of serge, etc.

The said amount of 450 pesos was received by the said don Juan Garcia to his satisfaction.  Signed Juan Garcia de la Mora, Antonio Montoya, wit/ Leonardo Anevodo and Bernardo Baltazar Montoya.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #350, Reel 2, Frames  911-913
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Juan Antonio Fernandez ~ Estate 1784 con't

In Santa Fe on April 9, 1784, don Jose Maldonado will take the testimony of the soldier Matias Sena.

Deposition of Matias Sena-
On May 5, 1784.  Asked if he was present when his father, Tomas Sena delivered the sheep that his grandfather, Bernardino de Sena left his niece, Maria Francisca de Sena, wife of the deceased Juan Antonio Fernandez, he answered:  That he never went with his father to the Rio Abajo to receive or deliver any sheep. He did know that his father delivered to J. A. Fernandez 900 ewes, 700 as principal and 200 as increases; that his said grandfather had been gathering at different times and had given them in the possession of Tadeo Garcia.  He also knew that Fernandez was happy with the delivery of the 700 sheep but unhappy with the increases.  He was 36 years old.  Signed Jose Maldonado, wit/ Pablo Sandoval and Ignacio Alan

Juan Pablo Salazar testifies that he wasn’t exactly sure of the amounts of sheep delivered, but Fernandes had told him that he had received 500 ewes belonging to his wife.

Payment for the funeral-
I, Fray Juan Bermejo, chaplain of the royal presidio, received from Maria Francisca Sena widow, on account of the funeral for her husband, 74 pesos in silver.  This was for the funeral high mass and the vigils, novena of low masses with the bell tolling.

Items of inventory that doña Luisa Tenorio stated that Juan Antonio Fernandez took at the time of his marriage:
Nine pieces of Brittany cloth.  Two varas of linen.  One bold of chintz.  Three varas of fine linen.  One patter of silk cloth for a skirt.  One patter of silk veiling with narrow tape.  Twelve blankets of Villa Alta.  Two all silk mantillas.  Four varas Flanders lace. Fourteen varas of ribbon.  Two silk handkerchiefs. Six patio blankets. Four pairs of stockings, two embroidered and two plain.  Regarding the ranch property, she states that her son, Santiago Jose Ortiz, who was a servant of the deceased, Juan Antonio Jose Ortiz, declares that there were 25 cows, 10 horses and one mare, 30 yoke of oxen.

Deposition of Juliana Fernandez-
On May 8, appeared Juliana Fernandez, mentioned by doña Luisa Tenorio; what affects her brother brought to the marriage.  She answered that what she knew and was aware of was a chest full of goods and two mantillas, one muffler with fringe, a bolt of Brittany cloth, and other goods that she does not remember.  She was 35 years old.  Signed Jose Maldonado

Year 1766-
I, Apolonia Casados, the legitimate wife of Antonio Guerrero, soldier of this royal presidio, say: that in my first marriage we had a daughter named Maria de Sena, who being a forcible heir of the property of the said, her father, don Bernardo de Sena, the said daughter, fell heir to the chattels she was entitled to, which by order of the court were converted into sheep, and for security and management were received by her great-grandfather, now deceased, Bernardino de Sena, who was her appointed guardian.  The said Bernardino had the sheep on shares in the Rio Abajo and upon his death of November 12 of last year, the grandfather of the said, my daughter, Tomas de Sena, administrator of the estate, held the mentioned papers.  Because her grandfather, Tomas de Sena, has other business to attend and is unable to comply in this particular; he has shown lack of interest and carelessness in the matter of the inheritance of my daughter.  He’s also failed to deliver to my daughter, two Michoacán chests, a few dishes, he does not even want to deliver the bed she sleeps in and I want to know the reason why.  Signed Polonia Casados, Santa Fe, June 3, 1766.

Deposition of Tomas de Sena-
I, Tomas de Sena, resident of Santa Fe, have read the charges that Polonia Casados has made, wife of my deceased son, Bernardino de Sena; regarding the papers of my father there is only one regarding the sheep.  I present that paper now as requested.  The increases were spent on clothing and other matters as he was her guardian.  I was going to present those chattels to you at the end of this year, but the shepherds are far away and the water is high in the river.  Last week I started to find a crossing in order to bring the sheep, but I could not find a safe crossing.  In regards to the other, that she did not have a bed because she was so small she always slept with her grandmother, who raised her, and is with her still. Regarding the dishes, there are only two chests and two small pictures which is which is what my father said and they are still held by my mother. Of the property belonging to my deceased son, nothing has been collected at the present time.  Signed Thomas Antonio de Sena

(Copy of the agreement)

Certificate of Marriage-
I Fray Jose de Burgo, parish priest of the villa of Santa Fe, have the following record:  In this mission of our Patron Saint Francis of the villa of Santa Fe, on the 24th day of the month of January 1768, in virtue of the order given by the Vicar General, don Santiago de Roybal, having read the banns three times as ordered by the Holy Council of Trent, and having presented no impediment, I married according to the writ of the Catholic Church, Juan Antonio Fernandez with Maria Francisca de Sena, the nuptial witnesses being Alcalde Mayor don Felipe Tafoya and Teresa Fernandes.  Father Patricio Cueller.

Estate Valuation-
The property that Francisca Sena brought was hers to keep; the remaining was her husbands and their increases in property they shared.  She retained her portion and the rest was divided amongst the minor children.   Francisca Sena’s share was $30,462.6 pesos and the five minors each received $474.5 pesos.  Concluded on May 29, 1784, Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #280, Reel 8, Frames 811-877
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Juan Antonio Fernandez ~ Estate 1784 con't

House Furniture-
Ten half-varas of frames, nine gilded and one plain.
Two mirrors of the same size with gilt frames.
Three chests with keys.
One small hoe, one adze, one chisel and one axe.
One used kettle, one used copper kettle and one iron griddle.
Two tables, one small, one large and two chairs.
One five room house which is her residence; on small corral and piece of land for a garden.
One very old cart and two plows.
Six china cups and three Pueblo cups.
The said widow declares that the has delivered to the Father Juan Bermejo, for the funeral and novenas of low Masses, one second grade cloth cloak and one good horse, and the said priest to woe six pesos one mare.

She presented two shirts of Brittany cloth; one pair of cotton hose.

She declares that the tailor, Manuel Rendon, has on pair of trousers which she will recover and present.
The widow asks, as she is a woman and is unable to present the livestock, that I send for Jose Crespin who is well acquainted with the livestock and he can count the mules and horses and declare how many there are, plus the account of sheet, herds and cattle.  The sworn statement of Miguel Ortiz should be taken he being the on left by her deceased husband in charge and care of said herds; and also a deposition of Tadeo Lobato who took care of them for many years.  Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz

Deposition of Jose Crespin-
On April 28 of the present year, appeared Jose Crespin, a resident of the villa.  Asked on the last trip he made to Chihuahua with the deceased Juan Antonio Fernandes, he had left and returned under his service and he said ‘yes’. Asked how many mules and horses were brought from the trip, he answered six he mules, four mare mules and seven horses.  He further stated he was 43 years old.  Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz

Deposition of Miguel Ortiz-
He was asked if he was the agent of the deceased and he answered that he care of the livestock at the request of the deceased.  He knew the sheep herds and cattle by their distinguishing marks; he replied that he when to the La Majada Ranch and counted 552 head of sheep, including goats, wethers, ewes and lambs. He did this on the 25th day of the present month at the request of the widow.  He again counted the herd and found only 500 head without this year’s additions as the lambing had not been completed.  As for cattle, he counted 20 breeding cows, 15 yearlings and heifers, four oxen and one bull.  He had also heard from the people living at the ranch that he had given ‘al partido’ to an Indian of Santo Domingo, ten cows. Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz and Miguel Ortiz

Deposition of Tadeo Lobato-
On April 29th, asked if he had been employed by the deceased, he answered yes for the last 14 years taking care of the livestock. Asked how many sheep he had when Fernandez had left for Chihuahua, he can’t tell, but that Miguel Ortiz could.  He asked about the cows and said there were 25, five cows with calves and other ready to have calves. Two heifers and one two-year old bull, 15 yearling steers and heifers and four oxen.   He knew that Felipe Barela of Abiquiu had one yoke of oxen and also that Pedro Gonzales of Rio Tesuque had one yoke of oxen and one bull; that Gregorio Leyba had one yoke of oxen.

He declares that this deceased master two years ago have an Indian of Santo Domingo names Sebastian, 10 head of cows on ‘partido’.

He also declared that Fernandez received from Antonio Jose Ortiz, 200 head of ewes from which amount he delivered 100 to Antonio Ulibarri and are still in his possession.   Asked about other animals he mentions the wild horses on the land that belong to Santo Domingo and one lame burro.  As for goods on the ranch, he knew about a broken copper kettle.  When asked about structures he mentioned that the ranch improvements were four walls of a large hall and two towers of defense, each one had two rooms and plowed farm lands and the acequias to irrigate.  He was 50 years old.  Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz

Immediately, I asked Tadeo Lobato under oath to declare what livestock ad died or been taken away from the ranch since Miguel Ortiz counted the first time.   He said that between the two counts that 15 head and died and that by order of the deceased he had delivered eight head to different Santo Domingo Indians; he also delivered to Bentura Esquibel four wethers and five lambs that had been killed and eaten.  He declared that when Fernandez died he took two bulls belonging to his mother, doña Luisa Tenorio and he told them he would deliver them to the mother.  Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz

Appointment of appraisers.  They were Juan Antonio Ortiz and the guardian of the children chose Vicente Armijo with Pedro Tafoya appointed by me, Antonio Jose Ortiz.

Remaining to be included is the inheritance he received from his father Bartolome Fernandez.
The brother of the deceased, Santiago Fernandez had purchased some land.

Testimony of Widow-
I, Maria Francisca de Sena appear before you, that what I brought to the marriage items that appear in this document from my grandfather Bernardino de Sena.  The inheritances were given me also by my father and that one writing by Francisco Guerrero, who was at the time Alcalde that all the monies received should be used to purchase sheep. And from any increase in cattle, my grandfather, specified in his last will my share should be given to me and four bulls were delivered to my husband as my share. The sheep were also increased to 1,000 head.  When these deliveries were made I was very sick in bed with the measles and were received by my husband.  Signed Maria Francisca de Sena

She continues on that with all the papers in the house she cannot find the ones where her grandfather Tomas de Sena delivered to her husband, for a certain number of sheep.  Likewise, when my grandfather accompanied by his son, Matias de Sena went to the Rio Abajo to deliver to my husband the sheep, the son witnessed the delivery.  I ask that this person be brought forward and under oath.  I have also been informed that at the time of the delivery, my grandfather and my husband had a great dispute, which the following documents will show and I make myself responsible.   Signed Maria Francisca Sena

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #280, Reel 8, Frames 811-877
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Juan Antonio Fernandez ~ Estate 1784

In this villa of Santa Fe, on April 28, 1784, I, don Antonio Jose Ortiz have been notified that Juan Antonio Fernandez has died intestate on the 22nd of said month.  Requested by his widow, doña Mara de Sena and the children are to take an inventory of the property left by the deceased.

Under oath, Maria de Sena stated that they had five children, Maria Rosa, Maria Francisca, Maria Josefa, Maria de Jesus and Jose Domingo Fernandes.  She also presented a bill of sale signed by Manuel Vigil and made before Manuel Gallegos in favor of his sister, doña Juliana Fernandez and said sale was not completed and in effect.

Writing presented by don Bartolome Fernandes to Fray Augustin de Iniesta with a notation at the foot.

A memorandum book with seven pages which contain accounts owed him by several persons, according to the heading, but having no date.  There are eleven unwritten pages and in one leaf there are four entries of the same nature.

A memorandum book with eleven written pages, deeds of the ranch of La Majada, being the twelfth part.

A testament made by Bernardino de Sena containing seven pages.

A promissory note made by don Jose Garcia de la Mora for ten chamois skins or twenty pesos in silver.

Another paper signed by don Francisco Lobato in which he charges the deceased with 117 pesos and two reales as surety of Jose Lucero.

Another paper, being only a half sheet, whose heading says, “statement of merchandise which Juan Antonio Gonzales took out for sale.”

Another half paper, which shows power of attorney made by Juan Pedro Sisneros in favor of the deceased.

Another paper which shows that Domingo Lobato owes Bernardino de Sena, deceased, whatever evidence is the same? And the widow is liable for said debt and to be collected by the widow, doña Maria de Sena as legitimate inheritance from her father.

Another paper showing that Pablo Candelaria sold a piece of land to the said deceased.  These conclude the inventory of the papers held by the widow.  Signed Antonio Jose Ortiz (rubric)

Wit/ Bisente Armijo and Julian de Armijo

Guardian of Children-
Immediately appearing as it does appear by deposition of the widow, doña Maria de Sena, that of having five legitimate children left of the marriage with her deceased husband, Juan Antonio Fernandez, all minor children, and it being necessary to have a guardian appointed as to protect the minors of the father’s side, I, the alcalde mayor, appoint Felipe Sandobal, an uncle of the said minors.  So told he complies and said he would do this to the best of his ability and understanding.

Inventory of Chattels-
Maria de Sena places before us the following items:
Two shots guns; one pair of pistols; two riding saddles; one embroidered and the other with a small covering; one pair iron stirrups; one bridle; one spur and saddle cushions. Two pairs of trousers, one pair of velvet and one pair of serge; two jackets, one of velvet, embroidered and one of silk cloth; two cloaks, one of white and second grade cloth and one of everlasting black cloth; two jackets, one embroidered and one with pisnes.

Seven varas of embroidered silk; six varas of everlasting cloth; 30 varas of Silecia Rouen; three bolts of unbleached muslin, one wide the other two narrow; one Patosi blanket; four of villa Alta; six cotton shawls, one made of silk; nine chopping knives; two pounds of bluing; one pound of Carmine; four sieve cloths; three cheap hats; 15 skeins of scarlet wool ten pairs of shoes; one pair of Cordovan; three new kettles; 80 pieces of maple sugar; two arrobas and ten an half pounds of chocolate, Beyte Brand; two jugs of whiskey; one barrel of whiskey, the El Paso Brand; one barrel of wine; five pack saddles, three covered with leather and two with chamois skins; one long box with its key; one large flour bin.

The widow’s wearing apparel that the deceased had given her:
One velvet dress skit, one embroidered silk skirt.
One ribbed silk skirt trimmed with gold thread.
One calico skirt.
One girls skirt.
One shawl of Campeche cloth embroidered with gold thread.
On silk mantilla.
Two aprons, on of Belio Cloth.
Two white scarves.
Two waist jackets, one of silk and one of satin.
One small cape of second grade cloth embroidered with silver.
And having asked the widow, if she had any other clothing or jewelry which she had when she married, she said that the clothing that she brought when she was married had been worn out and that her deceased husband had sold some of the balance of the clothing, one used brocaded skirt, half a bolt of fine serge, two veils, one embroidered and one plain, both of velvet and one linen towel.


References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #280, Reel 8, Frames 811-877
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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Josefa Armijo and Dimas Giron sell land ~ 1776 Santa Fe

In this villa of Santa Fe, on 22 of August 1779, there appeared a soldier, Roque Lobato, representing the person of his legitimate wife, Josefa Armijo and Jose de Dimas, the two together, each one for himself.  They said that they granted at royal sale by way of inheritance, to don Carlos Fernandez, also resident of said villa – an old house containing four rooms and a piece of farming land with two apricot trees, the boundaries are north the camino real, which goes by the parish church, south, the Rio Chiquito (today Water Street), west the house and orchard of doña Ana Maria Ortiz and east the land of Dimas Giron, to the ditch that comes from the dam and from the same to the south by lands of the buyer.  Sold for the price of 150 pesos in currency and a shroud, and the said hour and land, they received which was given to all by Maria Dominguez, who by a deed of royal sale, they deliver to the buyer.

Felipe Tafoya, friend of the grantors
Jose Miguel Tafoya
Antonio Jose Tafoya

?How are Josefa Armijo and Jose Dimas related?  Is it via Tomas Dimas Giron and Antonia Dominguez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #278, Reel 2, Frames 483-484
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Rosa Martin land sold to Salvador Espinosa ~ 1736 Santa Cruz

In the villa of Santa Cruz on the 9th day of May 1736, presenting herself before me the Captain Juan Estevan Garcia de Noriega, Alcalde Mayor of the said jurisdiction, was Maria Rosa Martin, citizen of the town of Chimayo, widow of Nicolas Lopez.  She was giving and did give in Royal sale a deed to Salvador de Espinosa, one piece of land which she has in said town, possess as an inheritance from the lands which Captain, Luis Martin, her father, had as a grant, in which approximately an almud of corn more or less could be planted. 

The boundaries are to the north, the public road which goes to Picuris; east the lands of Cristoval Martin (cited for the cognizance of this sale, because he was ill and sent Diego Martin, his son; east he acknowledged; west 109 ½ varas and bound by Luisa Ruiz widow of Manuel de Vargas, who was for the acknowledgment of this boundary and she said it was in its place and without damage to her part; on the south the river which flows down to the la Cañada and said piece of ground Maria Rosa Martin gives to said Salvador de Espinosa for the price of 60 pesos.

Witnesses:  Miguel de Quintana, Juan Jose Sandoval
Instrumental Witnesses:  Diego Martin, Antonio Martin and Antonio Montoya, all citizens of this jurisdiction.

Juan Estevan Garcia de Noriega (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #260, Reel 2, Frame 426-429
©Henrietta M. Christmas