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Diego Romero ~ Will 1742, Taos

As part of the Cristobal de la Serna Grant aka Los Ranchos de Taos, many of the Romero documents are interspersed throughout as Serna turned over the Grant to Diego Romero.  Below is a listing of documents in order as they are found in the Spanish Archive Film for the Serna Grant.

On April 15, 1710, Cristobal de la Serna requests a land grant in the vicinity of Taos.
On June 15, 1715, he plucks grass, throws rocks and with two witnesses takes owenership.  The witnesses were Eusebio Rael de Aguilar and Miguel de Sandoval.

On November 21, 1724, the land is transferred to Diego Romero.

Partition of the Romero estate as Diego Romero had died and the children from his wife, Maria San Jose, are Andres, Francisco, Juan (deceased), and Ana Maria.

Diego Romero makes his will on June 13, 1742, noting the ranch at Las Trampas. [frame 49]

On January 10, 1765, the testament of Francisco Romero, son of Diego, recognized his 1,300 varas of land in the place called Rio de las Trampas; his heirs being Jose, Josefa and Maria Antonia.

On April 20, 1787, Jose Romero, son of Francisco, asked for a boundary check and was informed by the alcalde that the papers had been taken by the Comanches and were lost. [frame 50]

The entire land grant is noted being 20,000 acres more or less and covers Ranchos de Taos, Rio Chiquito and Llano Quemado. [frame 54]

The actual partial will of Diego Romero that exists is transcribed as "we procreated three male children, Andres, Francisco and Juan (deceased) and Ana Maria, to whom I declare are my legitimate children."  June 13, 1742

"I also designate half of my land to my wife (Barbara Montoya), of the Rio Trampas and I leave her half the house."  [frame 59]

By August 13, 1764, the sister Ana Maria Romero was deceased when lands are being distributed. [frame 61]

On January 10, 1765, the last testament of Francisco Romero, son of Diego, has one house and ranch. [frame 65]

On October 20, 1795, appears Francisca Zapata, resident of Las Trampas, and she sold to Bentura Romero resident of Trampas a parcel of cultivated land. [frame 102]

On October 20, 1795, Catarina Romero sells a parcel of land to Bentura Romero. [frame 104]

On October 20, 1795, Ana Maria Romero, sells a parcel of land to Bentura Romero.  [frame 106]

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 29, SG #158. Frames 6-107.
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