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Bartolome Trujillo ~ Will 1764

I, Bartolome Trujillo, son of Capt. Joseph Trujillo and Antonia Lujan, resident of Chama, finding myself in bed on account of an illness.

Declare I was three times, the first to Margarita Torres, from this marriage we had eight children, two of which are deceased, Cristobal and Antonio. The living are:  Felipa, Angela, Manuela, Jetrudes, Jabiela, Juan Esteban.

Declare that I married a second time to doña Teresa de Herrera, we had no children.

Declare that I married a third time to Maria Antonia de Medina, with one child. This child along with the ones from the first marriage I declare as my legitimate heirs.

I declare that when I marred the first time to Margarita Torres, she brought to my possession eight ewes, one cow, one mare and a piece of uncultivated land.

I declare that I brought in the possession of my first wife, 10 cows, one yoke of oxen, 20 ewes, two mares, one tame gentle horse.

I declare having brought in the possession of my wife, 800 varas of land which I acquired as inheritance from my parents, from the first partition and on the second partition I was given 250 varas.

I declare not having received articles of service from my first wife and neither to be bound to be a guardian.

I declare that I have partitioned to my children on the part of their deceased mother, whatever rightly belonged to them on my part and their deceased mother, and who are Pha, Angela, Manuela, Jetrudes, to this I have given at the Cañada.

I declare that I gave to Antonia, deceased and Jabiela at this place, 80 varas in width of land.

I declare that the share of Antonio I purchased from him.

I declare that to my son, Juan Esteban, who has been under my direction I gave the share of land which he is entitled to, from those which I purchased from the deceased Antonio.

I declare that I have at the settlement of Abiquiu a piece of land which may be about 500 varas more or less.

I declare on burro and five wild mares.

I declare that Jose Romero of El Corral de Piedra owes me one male mule which I rented to him so he could go to Tierra Afuera, and he has paid neither the male mule nor the freight; I order this to be collected.

I declare that Joaquin Mestas owes me a small male mule of this year’s crop, I order it collected.

I declare that Jose Martin, the son of Jeronimo Pacheco, owes 120 pesos, I order it collected.

That Antonio Gomes owes me eight varas of sack cloth and four masses, I order to collect it.

I declare that the said Jose Martin owes me eight Masses, I order to collect it.

I declare that Diego Podaca of Ojo Caliente owes me on cow, I order to collect.

I declare that Matias Perea of Albuquerque owes me one horse and one filly, I order it collected.

I declare that Antonio Armijo from the villa of Santa Fe, not from Anton Chico who has already paid, but the other owes me a pair of combing cards.

I declare that I have on male mule of two saddles and nine goats.

I declare that Jose Antonio Martin, who is at Tierra Afuera, owes me ten wild mares and one mule as evidenced by a promissory note which he made to me if he comes back, I order to collect.

I declare that I have a table with a drawer and a lock, two benches and two chairs.

I declare that I have two yoke of oxen.

I declare that I owe Salbador Jaramio 18 pesos, I order to pay.

I declare that I bequeath to a girl and a boy whom I raised a piece of land at Abiquiu, and I give it to them with the consent of my heirs.

I declare that I have one loom with all its appurtenances, which I order to be given to my son, Juan Esteban.

I declare that I have a large griddle that may be worth 25 pesos.

I declare that I have a medicine glass.

I appoint as my executors, first my wife, Maria Antonia Medina and second Bisente Jimenez.

I declare that I was married a second time to doña Teresa de Erera, I did not take possession of anything except my coat on my shoulders, she not having any heirs.

I declare that the house and lands where I reside she granted and donated to me.

I declare that having made a promise to marry a very poor girl, thus, that God gave me that to which I granted and donated the gift which I know my deceased made me of the house and lands, so that she may enjoy for herself and her heirs.

I declare that I leave 80 varas of land in width and the length to be whatever contained in the sitio for the good of my deceased wife, doña Teresa.

I declare that my deceased wife left to Nicolas Martin, because he had raised her, a room in the same house and a cornfield in the same sitio which is called the milpa of Palo Blanco.

On this May 6, 1764, with witnesses signed Joseph Esquibel, Juan Baptista Vigil and Francisco Lujan.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #247, Reel 8, Frames 733-810
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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