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Barbara Montoya ~ Will 1747

Testament of Barbara Montoya

I, Barbara Montoya, legitimate daughter of Clemente Montoya and Josefa Lujan, deceased, residents of Chimayo.  I have been married to Diego Romero (1735 at Santa Cruz), deceased and resident of this valley of Taos for a period of eight years, we never produced any children; and having united in a second marriage with Antonio Duran de Armijo, resident of Santa Fe for a period of three years, from which marriage, one boy was prematurely born, he only lived about two hours and at present I find myself anticipating a child now for six months.

I declare that I brought to the possession of my husband the Lt. Antonio Duran de Armijo, the following goods:  30 head of cows with their claves, which now number 60 and all branded; one yoke of oxen with their equipment; 100 ewes; one ranch which is at Las Trampas, which is now approximately three leagues farther away from the pueblo, without a house; five beasts of burden – two mules and three horses; one house which is the one in which we live in this valley of Taos, composed of five rooms on the lower floor, because the upper floor cost my husband his money.  I declare, three chests, one large and two medium sized and in said chests I have my clothing and the simple jewels I wear.  I declare the other small one of Michoacán.  I bequeath that six breeding cows and one yoke of oxen be given to my father.

I name my husband Antonio Duran de Armijo as executor, signed January 18 1745.


I don Francisco Guerrero, Alcalde Mayor of the same jurisdiction on May 18, 1748, state that Barbara Montolla having died at this pueblo on the 12th of December in the previous year of 1747, the widow of Diego Romero and having married a second time to Antonio Duran de Armijo, and having left three children of the marriage, Maria Gertrudis, age three, Santiago age 1 ½ years and Jose Antonio, upon show birth she died; that the said son died at the age of five months leaving only two of the children and Antonio Armijo their father, ask that he appear before me in case he wishes to marry a second time, an inventory should be made.   So they did and they all signed, Francisco Guerrero, Antonio Duran de Armijo, Tomas Francisco Duran Chaves and Santiago Chavez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 8, Twitchell #240, Frames 618-732.
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