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Pedro de Chavez ~ Final Estate Papers 1736

At Atrisco on February 11, 1736, additional goods were found and added to the inventory of the estate of Pedro de Chavez.  The major children asked that the minor children be assigned an equivalent amount as they had received from their father.  They all agreed it to be about 100 pesos, exclusive of the expenses of the wedding - Juan Paez Hurtado

On said day, the additional monies in goods and cattle were redistributed.  The four married children were given during the life of their father, 300 pesos each in cow and sheep, except to Jacinto Sanchez, whom received 250 pesos.  Funeral expenses, some debs, court costs, 496 more pesos.

There remain to be distributed among the ten heirs of doña Juana Montoya, 3,894 pesos.  The funeral expenses were 314 pesos 4 reales.  To Manuela, Josefa, Monica and Efigenia, 389 pesos an 3 reales was distributed.  Francisco Javier received the same with an additional 100 pesos for the wedding. For Juana, Diego Antonio, Maria Luisa and Cresencio, all received the same and delivered into the hands of their guardian.

At Atrisco, on February 13, 1736, the older children came before me and that in charity, they assigned to the three children of the second marriage with Gertrudes Sanchez, three breeding cows, a large bull and two year old calf and another one a year old, so that said minors, their brothers, should begin to raise some cattle. – Juan Paez Hurtado.

They all signed as they were satisfied with the distributions made, February 14, 1736. – Signed Juan Gonzales Bas, Francisco Antonio Gonzales and Sebastian Marcelino by Francisco Antonio Gonzales. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 1, Twitchell #177
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