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Pedro de Chavez ~ Estate Witnesses 1735-1736

Affidavit of Sebastian Marcelino.  On January 3, 1736, Sebastian married to doña Manuela de Chaves, daughter of Pedro Chavez and Juana Montoya, both deceased, and one of the heirs to appear before me.  Asked when he married was he given some stock, cattle or sheep or jewelry; he said that he was given 40 sheep and ten cows, all breeding and he also gave him a tract of land where to build a house, a tract of farm land where one fanega of wheat seed can be planted and the rest of the land, not yet farmed can be planted with another fanega of wheat seed.  He is 30 years old, more or less – Juan Paez Hurtado, Isidro Sanchez and Joseph Terrasas.

Affidavit of Jacinto Sanchez.  Married to Efigenia de Chavez, daughter of Pedro Chavez and Juana Montoya, both deceased, appeared and asked what chattels were given him at the time that he married to his said wife in furniture and sheep.  He said that the only thing that they gave him when he got married was ten cows, 25 sheep of the same quality and they did not give him anything else.  He is 25 years old, more or less, Juan Paez Hurtado, Isidro Sanchez and Joseph Terrasas.

Fray Joseph Irrigoyen, Vicar of the Villa of San Felipe Albuquerque, appear before your Majesty and ask – that when Pedro de Chavez, deceased, left me judicial right, so that I might make his will in his name and so discharge his conscience to which I agreed, I was told by the heirs that the cause of the controversy and of not finding, was there cannot be found anyone who would be willing to accept the administratorship to the satisfaction of the testator.  I hereby resign my right as testator and ask to accept said resignation. – Joseph Irrigoyen [request granted]

Warrant.  At Atrisco on December 18, 1735, I Captain Juan Gonzales Bas, Alcalde Mayor having been informed that Captain don Pedro de Chavez had died and made a will on the 7th of December of the present year, in order to know the chattels called for in the inventories that I had made on the 21st of March past.  I now received an order to make a new inventory and deliver them to a new guardian and keeper.  Juan Gonzales Bas, Joseph Romero and Isidro Sanchez.

Act of Delivery and Discharge of Marcelino.  At the said settlement, said day, month and year, I the Alcalde Mayor, went to receive all the chattels which were inventoried and in the possession of Marcelino Ladron de Guevara, who delivered the following:
308 sheep and goats.
Two oxen.
One horse.
One ‘he’ and one ‘she’ mule.
The house, the farming and other implements and everything pertaining to the house.  Having charged him with the decreases he answered: that the sheep having been so ill-treated and sickly, 58 head died and for the family use 51 head were used, together with what Francisco Javier took.  Of the cattle, for expenses, together with what Francisco Javier took for his wedding, there were 25 cattle, and in addition four that he gave title.  Of the oxen, he answers that one was strangled while yoked to the cart and that the other one died from overeating corn; that of the horses, four were carried away by the Apache and on account of Francisco Javier de Chaves and another one that he lent and has not returned and one that died in the work of the stock.  Of mules, he says that one ‘he’ mule that said Francisco Javier gave for a serge dress pattern and two that were taken, rented by Antonio Chavez.  All the discharges ere received by me and signed Juan Gonzales Bas, Joseph Romero and Isidro Sanchez.

New Deposits of Said Chattels:  On said day, month and year at Atricso. I know designate and appoint Francisco Sanchez and Francisco Javier de Chavez that they may care for, guard ad pasture them during the said time.  They likewise received the house with all its dishes, clothes and other appurtenances.  They both agreed and signed by Salvador Martinez, Juan Gonzales Bas, Joseph Romero and Isidro Sanchez.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 1, Twitchell #177
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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