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Matais Martin ~ 1704 Will

I, Matias Martin am ill in bed that Our Lord has seen fit to send me; I execute my testament, naming my father Domingo Martin as my administrator and holder of my chattels, leaving my children and heirs.

I declare that I was married to Josefa Lujan and from this marriage we had three children – Cristoval, Macros Manuel and Salbador.

I declare as my property one house composed of three rooms which I leave to my wife and children.

I declare that I have an orchard which is in the rear of the house and on the west side.

I declare that I leave a piece of land capable of holding one fanegas of seed, more or less, that is bound on my side by lands of Miguel de Errera, the other side my father, Domingo Martin.  This I order my administrator to divide between my wife and my children to avoid discord.

I declare that I bequeath to my wife one kettle, one copper jug, two small caldrons, three plow-points and one iron spit.

I further declare that I have one shotgun that belongs to the king (government).

I declare that I leave for the good of my soul – one riding saddle, one bridle, a pair of spurs and one sword with its sheath.

I further declare that I set aside for the expense of my burial and shroud, two horses and four cattle, two of them females.

I declare that I leave to my wife two breeding cows, two heifers and one calf.

I declare that to each one of my children, three cows, and to the youngest one, four large and one small.

I declare that I leave one large Apache woman; this I leave to my wife for five years, after which it is my will that she be freed.

I entrust as my administrator with the care of my estate and my wife, and that they raise and teach my children the law of God and the Christian doctrine.

I declare that I do not leave any debts; that I owe no one and no one owes me. 

September 3, 1704, at the request of him, signed Juan de Medina Ortis, because Matias Martin did not know how.  Wit/ Nicolas Ortis, Pasqual Trujillo, Juan de Medina Ortis, and Juan de Sandobal Martines.

I, Josefa Luxan, widow of Matias Martin, state that I received from Domingo Martin, my father-in-law, the chattels that my husband bequeathed to me in his said testament.  October 31, 1709 with witnesses:  Cristobal Tafolla, P. Sanchez and Francisco de Rivera.

I, Fray Pedro de Matha, present of the church of Santa Cruz, received from Domingo Martin for his son Matias, the offering for the burial and funeral mass, novena and eight day Mass which I celebrated, besides 15 Masses which he ordered said, and five other Masses, which amount to 119 pesos. December 28, 1704.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series II, Roll 2, Twitchell #231, Frames 204-215
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