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Juana Galbana ~ Estate 1753

On May 7, 1753, I Captain, Antonio Baca, Alcalde Mayor and War Captain for the jurisdiction of Zia, Santa Ana and Jemez, was notified that Juana Galbana, resident of this jurisdiction was dead and that she left some property and four living heirs, namely: Juan Galbana, Lorenzo Galbana, Matias Galbana and Diego Galbana.  I went to her house with my two witnesses and ordered them to collect her estate in bulk which was known to me by her legitimate son Lorenzo and her grandchild Matias. 

It consisted of 133 head of goats, some ewes and rams, 42 large cows, three oxen, three bulls, 38 calves, 31 horses and mares, one mule, two jackasses, two axes, three spades, an Indian plow, three ploughshares, a chisel, a copper drinking cup, two batik copper drinking cups, a copper kettle, three metal plates and a basin, three wooden boxes, four mantas – two painted and one embroidered, a red cloth wrap, a silk taffeta cover, two silver reliquaries, a metal crucifix, different pictures of Saints, a painting of the Infant Jesus on elk skin, mills, a pair of coral bracelets, another of jet, a cart with all its belongings, a bed spread, a blanket, a buffalo hide, a pair of shoes – not new, an unbleached muslin manta, another of cotton and a bleached elk skin.

These are the good shown to me by the heirs, after paying for her funeral burial, Novena of Masses, they paid, four cows with calves valued at 100 pesos, 72 pesos in goats and kids and sheep a fine mare valued at 30 pesos, a horse 15 pesos, an embroidered manta, 8 pesos, a cotton manta, 4 pesos.   The full amount is 229 pesos according to the prices of the Kingdom.

There is also agricultural land, flocks of major and minor cattle, horses and two spacious dwelling houses, ditches, plowed lands for planting; another dwelling house at the entrance of the Pueblo of Zia, containing various rooms and she was a native of said place.  Of this house, she conveyed one to Juan Galbana and the other two were given to Lorenzo, Matias and Diego, together with the agricultural lands and ditches.  And these were given to these three last ones because Juan Galbana he had the use of the lands and he abandoned them and sold a great part of them.   The other parts Lorenzo, Matias and Diego, all heirs, tell us that Juan Galbana had already received his rights at his marriage and besides he had the management of the estate and the deceased Mother had paid many debts incurred by the said Juan Galbana and for this reasoning they requested me not to give him an equal share.  As is customary in all good administration, the said Juan Galbana was given the following:

Three mares, 10 cows – five young ones, eight calves.  Putting them altogether they amount to 26 heads of cattle.  And in real estate a house of three rooms, valued at about 100 pesos, a painted manta, 6 pesos, a buffalo hide, 2 pesos, a small kettle, 4 pesos, four sheep, 4 pesos, a pair of black bracelets, a painting on while elk skin, a spade, 4 pesos, two metal plates, 8 pesos, a box with a lock and key, 6 pesos.  All this amounts to 480 pesos which he has already received through his son and servant Joaquin Sanchez as said Juan Galbana was ill in bed.  The witnesses agreed and on May 8, 1752 they signed, Antonio Baca, Juana Galbana (480 pesos), Jose Baca and Salvador Martinez.

On the same day I conveyed to Lorenzo Galbana, the following:  eight horses, a mule, four mares, 25 steer – large and small, 100 head of major cattle, a painted manta, an embroidered manta, a buffalo hide, a white elk skin, a woolen manta, a silver reliquary, a coral bracelet, three mills, three pictures in white buckskin, a pair of shoes, together with the appurtenances of the house, the local house and the one on the pueblo and agricultural lands, his share was 40 pesos.  From the local house he received 30 pesos.  The total amount is 1,220 pesos and he was satisfied.  Signed Antonio Baca, Jose Baca, Salvador Martinez.

I the same day I conveyed to Matias Galbana, the following:  six horse, 90 pesos, five mares, two mules, 25 steers, a spade, a ploughshare, a metal plate, a wooden box, two mills, a picture on elk skin, a bedspread worth 8 pesos, a satin wrap, a silver reliquary, a bedspread, 8 pesos, and 208 pesos from the appurtenances of the house.  The amount received by the above was 1,101 pesos.  Signed Antonio Baca, Jose Baca and Salvador Martinez.

At the Pueblo of Our Lady of La Assumpcion of Zia, on the said day, I summoned Juan Antonio Galbana, 15 year old minor and he presented to himself and delivered to him and his uncle, Lorenzo Galbana, the following:  three horses, two mares, 69 pesos; ten cows, 200 pesos; 50 ewes, 100 pesos; a metal plate, 4 pesos; 50 lambs, 12 pesos; two mantas, one embroidered and one woolen, a metal Crucifix, a pair of coral bracelets, three mills, three paintings on elk skin, 30 pesos. Two metates, a painting on elk skin, a cotton manta, 4 pesos; 380 pesos which was his share of the agricultural lands and two shares in the house.  All amounting to 823 pesos.  The same which I delivered to his guardian and tutor, his uncle Lorenzo who will keep until the nephew becomes of age.

In compliance with my duty, I concluded the division in favor of the four heirs according to all laws, although the deceased Juana Galbana died intestate and as I have attended their father as much as possible, doing all things possible for the welfare and peaceful division.   Lorenzo and Matias received more of the estate, as they had not received anything.  Juan and Diego Galbana had attained their majority and had already received a share of the estate from the legitimate mother.  This was the reason it was not equally divided, and Juan Antonio a minor, 15 years old, was allotted a portion near his brother Diego and his brothers and his uncle Lorenzo and they will take care for him and his estate and teach him the rudiments of the Christian Doctrine. This they promised to do. I ordered the Captains of the Pueblo, not or order to employ this boy for the time being, but to leave them to care for his inheritance.

Following is a list of expenses presented to me. Fray Montaño, for the funeral and mass, 229 pesos; Lorenzo Galbana, inherited in horses, steers, cattle, furniture, land and houses, 1,222 pesos; Matias Galbana, according to his receipts received, 1,101 pesos; Diego Galbana, according to his receipts, 823 pesos; Juan Galbana, received the sum of 480 pesos. The balance comes to 1,855 pesos which were given to the owners and creditors of the estate and included other payments such as novenas and other items, which increase the total to 3,890 pesos. Signed Antonio Baca, Jose Baca and Salvador Martinez.

Santa Fe, May 28, 1753, This short proceeding remitted by don Antonio Baca, Alcalde Mayor of Santa Ana, Zia and Jemez, although short and lacking formality of the part of one who was the husband of the said deceased, Juana Galbana.  I do not consider it the proper proceeding to name as guardian Juan Galbana, older brother of the minor brother and his inheritance, I order the Alcalde to name in his place the most honest and intelligent person he may find, to have himself present himself and duly swear he will take charge of the said minor and his inheritance.  Tomas Velez Capuchin.

Fr. Juan Sanz de Lozaun received the offering of nine masses to be paid for in the form of sheep and applied them for the repose of the soul of Juana Galbana, signed May 8, 1754.

Fray Mariano Rodriguez de la Torre, received from Antonio Baca, sheep, offerings from 15 fields to be applied for the repose of the soul of Juana Galbana.  Signed May 17, 1753.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 1, Twitchell #193, Frames 1365-1372.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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