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Antonio Tafoya Altamirano ~ Will 1744

In this villa of Orr Lady of Guadalupe of El Paso del Norte, on the 18 February 1744, I, Juan Antonio Rubinazales, Captain and Magistrate of his Majesty being at the house and resident of Diego Trujillo, found in the same Antonio Tafolla Altamirano, resident of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, who declared he was sick and being in bed he stated that he was a true Roman and Apostolic Catholic; that he waned to make his last will and testament and which in the following manner:
He confesses being married according to the rites of the Catholic Church to Prudencia Gonzales, from which union he has seven children, Theresa, Cristobal, Pedro Asencio, Juan, Isabel and Maria Tafolla Altamirano, his legitimate children. 
That he has a house with a tract of land and at la Cañada de Santa Clara he owns a house and ranch with 30 head of cows, 90 sheep, together with some other land there; also four oxen, an ax, an adze. 
Also, that he has given to his son Cristobal, who is married, five cows and twenty sheep and likewise to Theresa his daughter. 
And he declares his belongings here to be sixteen cows, ten horses, and two gentle mares, five colts, six ordinary mules, and also one mule that he left in New Mexico and some others on shares; 20 varas of piece of red cloth for skirts and trimmings, a kitchen maid from Britain, six woolen blankets, which he stated were his and Rita's.
Six varas of serge, a pair of yellow hose, two pairs of thick-soled shoes and two others of kid-leather, a large silk cloak, a fringed towel, six varas of cloth, two ordinary silk hats, a prayer book, three varas of Castilian cloth with silk edgings, a waist, six serge sleeves embroidered, a saddle, saddle blankets, bridle, spurs, rifle with accoutrements, his dress clothes. 
Also, hat he owes don Francisco Gomez, merchant of Chihuahua, 13 pounds of wool, which he ordered, should be paid, and to an Indian called Jarrillo, he left him a horse and a mare. 
He also leaves as his heirs, he stated wife and children.  And to comply with and execute this last will and testament he names as administrators, his said wife and Cristobal his son.  And his wife as guardian of and holder of his belongings for his children.  That is his will, that they divide the property in equal parts, and that they receive the blessing of god and his own.
He also declares owning a house in Alameda which he leaves to his wife together with one hundred and fifty dollars of which there is due eighty-four.  That Juan de Abeyta owes him a three year old bull.  All this he declared but did not sign. ...
In Paso del Rio del Norte, February 28 1744, Alfonso Victor Rubendezales, (rubric)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel I, Twitchell #27, Frames 252-262
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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