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Alonso Rael Aguilar ~ 1745 Will

I, Alphonzo Rael de Aguilar, being sick from an accident in which God was pleased to give me, being in full possession of my intellectual faculties and natural understanding, hereby give my will and last testament.
I declare that I am a native of this Kingdom of NM, and a resident of this villa of Santa Fe, where I have lived for about 40 years.
I declare that I was married, with the nuptial benediction according to the order of Holy Mother church to Tomasa Montoya, who was my legitimate wife for 10 years.  During that time we had 7 legitimate children:  Alphonso Rael de Aguilar; Josepha; Francisco; Manuela; Feliciana; Margarita; who died at the age of 5 years and Julian; Lorenzo, whom I declare as my legitimate children from my first marriage. 

On account of death the said Tomasa Montoia, I was married the second time with doña Melchora de Sandoval, according the mandate and order of our Holy Mother and the Holy Council of Trent.  During that marriage we have lived happily for 18 years.  During that time we had two children which are:  Tomas Rael de Aguilar and Joseph, whom I declare to be my legitimate heirs as is also my wife doña Melchora de Sandoval Martinez, whom I leave in first place as executrix and in second Captain don Antonio de Ulivarri and third Gregorio Garduño, all resident of this villa. 
I declare the house where I live, one large hall and seven rooms.  The furniture thereof belongs to my wife.
I declare that the land which I bought from Juliana Saiz belongs to my wife.  The balance of the land shall be partitioned between my said wife and all my children equally. I leave as my property one house, which lies next to the church, which consists of 6 rooms including the hall and one parcel of agricultural land.  I order it be partitioned between my heirs.
I declare, 350 head of breeding sheep and goats, it being understood that the 200 sheep belong to my wife, and the others shall be partitioned among all my children.  I declare, 68 withers, which I leave for the use of my house.
I declare eight rams and three young goats.
I declare that I have 250 head of sheep and 20 goats belonging to Captain Juan Bejil, also four rams.
I declare, 7 tame oxen, one is a bull.  Also four bulls, of these I leave my wife two yoke of oxen which she might select – the others to be divided amongst the children. 
I declare six cows, two of which I owe. 
I declare two “he” mules and five horses and one mare.
I declare one stock saddle, one arquebus and one sheath, one small sword, spurs with silver buckles, bridle, saddle pads and shield.  Of this property I leave to my son Joseph the spurs with silver buckles and one silver scabbard of a sword and my other property I leave to my son Juan, on account of the good care he has taken of me.  And the kitchen utensils, saddle and arquebus which are no in possession of my son Julian, he shall deliver to my son Alonzo; also the large bench; and to my son Joseph, I leave an arquebus without the sheath. 
I declare that I have 22 buffalo hides and eight white tanned buffalo hides. 
I declare that I have 10 fanegas of piñon.  I order the same to be sold and the product thereof shall be given to my family which I have in my house.I declare that I have one cloak, one coat, trousers, and one hat, which I leave to my son, Julian.  I also leave to my said son, the cloak, the coat and the trousers which I use.  To my son Alonso, I leave one piece of cloth for trousers and some old trousers that I use made of woolen cloth. 
I have made known to all my children, their cattle which are in good health; so that they know which belongs to each one of them.  They do not have to ask for them now or at any other time. 
I declare that Bartolo Gonzales owes me one piece of narrow fine linen, some satin sleeves with lining and buttons and one pair of men’s shoes. I order that the same be recovered. 
I declare that Joseph Romero, son of Baltazar Romero woes me ten breeding sheep, I order that the same be recovered.
I declare that Miguel Sanchez owes me two ewes. I order they be recovered. 
I declare that Gregorio Jaramillo owes me five young ewes. I order they be recovered. 
I declare that Juan Miguel Alvares de Castillo owes me 11 ewes, one sheep, and I owe him one scrub horse.  I order that it be paid to him and to collect from him.
I declare that Gregorio Garduño owes me three varas of satin for a coat and trimmings, to be recovered.
I declare that Felix Sanchez owes one tame “he” mule, to be recovered.  I declare Juan de Arguello, owes me one fanega of wheat.  To be recovered. I declare Diego Basque Borrego owes me 80 dollars and two mules with the hire of seven years – to be recovered.
I declare that Juan Francisco Muños owes me one mule. 
I declare that Salvador Laureno owes me 11 dollars.
I declare that the soldier Juan Trujillo owes me one cow calf. 
I declare that Leonardo Gonzales owes me one cow with calf 
I declare that Juan Antonio Flores owes me 17 dollars  
I declare that I owe doña Maria Roybal one steer, and one calf one year old and one horse. 
I declare that I owe don Joseph Moreno one mule. 
I declare that I owe to Antonio de Sandoval a small balance which is known to him, also one lame mule. 
I declare that I owe to don Manuel Saenz 6 buckskins. 
I declare that I owe Juan Bejil two buffalo hides 
I declare that I owe to don Joseph Romo 17 withers and one peso and he owes me the price of roofing the out-house and cleaning it.   
I declare that Marcos de Apodaca owes to two dollars.  
I declare and order my executors that if God should be please to take me hence, that they order one hundred low masses to be said for my soul; also one novena of low masses for the mediation of the blessed souls of purgatory.... 
May 20 1745, Antonio de Ulivarri, special judge 
Alfonso Rael de Aguilar 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 1, Twitchell 31.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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