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Ramon Garcia Jurado ~ Will 1768

I, Ramon Garcia, a soldier of this royal garrison and legitimate son of Ramon Garcia and Bernardina Hurtado, deceased, am ill.

I declare that I was married twice, the first time to Andrea Gallegos for four years and we had two sons who died.  I inherited about 10-12 varas of land located in Albuquerque on the second marriage to Rosalia Baca.  We have been married for 21 years and during this time, we have not had any children.

I declare that from my wife’s dowry came 250 ewes and two ranches, that is two shares in ranches, one share in Pueblo Quemado which I sold for 150 pesos and the other shares at Los Algodones or Angostura del Rio del Norte which I also sold for 60 pesos, which amounts to 210 pesos.

I declare that I own a ranch that I bought, located at Rio Abajo in Los Palacios.

I declare that own 10 grown cows, two of which have claves and the rest are dry cows; and two yoke of bull oxen.

I declare I own one female mule and four male mules.

I declare owning eight horses, two leather coats, one new the other old; a rifle; a pair of pistols; powder pouches; gunshot; lance; two shields; two saddles; a new one and an old one; a pair of spurs; bridles; sword; cartridge belt which are the arms I use in royal service.

I declare being the owner of a house in this villa which comprises one hall, one room and a kitchen and store room, with a small piece of land towards the south and a patio in the north which I have under fences; all the furniture there may be in the house, it is my last wish to leave it to my wife.

I order that a cow be left in order that Masses may be said for the Souls in Purgatory.

I order for that the infant child that I have, to be given a cow, my cape, the saddle, spurs, bride, one male mule and my clothing which I use; that being the case of what is left that may not be used for royal service.

I declare that the two Indian women I have, two mall heifers be given, which are not mentioned above.

I declare I own a female burro.

I declare that five pesos which I owe Francisco Gonzales be paid.

I declare that Juan Baca of Belen owes me 50 pesos.

I declare that Domingo Lujan owes me a blanket which I loaned him.

I declare the Indian, Antonuelo, el cojo (cripple), from Ojo Caliente, owes me a chamois skin; also the Indian of Taos owes me another chamois.

I appoint my wife as my administrator and safe keeper of my chattels, second my brother, Juan Antonio Baca.  After all has been administered, I ask that the remainder be given to my wife for her enjoyment.

I pray and petition my Lieutenant to interpose his authority, that being don Thomas Madrid.  He did not sign because he did not know how.  I, the Lt. of the Cavalry, signed with two witnesses;  Executed in this presidio of the capital of Santa Fe, June 14, 1768.

Signed Thomas Madrid (rubric) Joseph Maldonado and Juan Antonio Alari (rubrics)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #366, Reel 2, Frames 1016-1020
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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