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Miguel Gallegos ~ Will 1799

A former soldier of the presidio in Santa Fe, Miguel Gallegos died intestate.  A formal inventory was made of his goods found in his house.  A Maria Garcia who was his servant was told to manifest everything that belonged to said Gallegos.  October 8, 1799.

Three varas of deep brown satin; one cotton velvet waistcoat, garnished with silver galloon.
One first-grade cotton velvet jacket trimmed with silver galloon.
One first-grade woolen jacket trimmed with silver.
One blue cloth jacket for a uniform, second-grade.
One old of the same.
Another of the same, very old.
One old pair of black velvet trousers.
Another of the same of second-grade blue cloth.
Another pair of the same, very old.
One new hart for work.
Another of the same, old.
One worn embroidered handkerchief.
Two old linen shirts.
One pair new cotton stockings.
One pair of the same very old.
Old woolen stockings.
One very old flesh-colored jacket.
One old muslin shirt.
Drawers of the same.
One pair of silver buckles.
Two pair buckskin boots.
One old serape.
One silver-handled short sword.
One shotgun.
One pistol.
One broken complete saddle tree.
One pair old saddle pads.
One pair of the same, very old.
One very old bridle.
One pair spurs and stirrups.
One cartridge case.
One new shotgun case.
One leather shield.
One old embossed saddle composed of arms, cuirass and hind coverings.
Four oval picture frames, gilded.
One old linen mattress.
One old second-grade hoe.
One old second-grade adze.
Four old plow points.
One guitar.
One vial.
Six pesos in reales.
846 ewes in possession of the shareholders, Patricio Salas and Antonio Salas.
One old rope.
Four old horses, surplus of the ____.
24 head of cattle of all ages, the same that were partitioned among all the heirs and for funeral costs, recording to the same.
Several head of cattle of all ages, which are running loose and are not mentioned here because the exact number is unknown.
A list of debts owed him.
The house which consists of four rooms and its adjoining land enclosed by a wall measuring, from east to west, 329 varas and 398 from north to south.

Signed Antonio de Arce, Fray Francisco de Ocio, and Juan de Dios Peña.

Note:  he is the son of the Alcalde Manuel Gallegos and Juana Maria Baca.  His goods were divided amongst his heirs who are Manuel Gallegos, Anselmo, Cristobal, Juan, Maria Antonia (all siblings) and Maria Antonia Marquez, a niece of the deceased. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 376, Roll 2.
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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