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Maria Rosa Candelaria Gonzales

In yesterday's post of the will of Maria Rosa Candelaria Gonzales, her husband, Manuel Trujillo, is the son of Agustin Trujillo and Micaela Martin Serrano from Santa Fe.  Little is known about the latter couple, except for their daughter who married Agustin L'archibeque in 1721. 

Manuel Trujillo was granted land sometime before 1750, or by his death, and his daughters later distributed that between themselves. [SANM, Roll 45, Frames 919]

Maria Francisca Trujillo, does marry Fernando Romero according to the Santa Fe Marriages on March 19, 1743, even though her mother's will is dated 1750 in one spot and 1753 in another.  It might be that there were issues with the marriage. [NMGS, Pg. 11]  Maria Rosa Candelaria appeared in the 1750 Santa Fe Census along with Marcela Antonia Trujillo, Maria Francisca Trujillo, Maria Antonia Gonzales (sis), Maria Josepa, Ascencio, two children.  These people are all mentioned in her will.

The ancestry on the Trujillo side is impressive and it shows us that Antonia Marcela and Maria Francisca are the descendants of Pre-Revolt families on their father's side.  On the mother's lineage, I've only been able to find the parents who are:  Francisco de la Cruz Gonzales and Micaela Vasquez.

The paternal lineage shows:

Antonia Marcela Trujillo/Francisca Trujillo
Manuel Trujillo m. Maria Rosa Candelaria Gonzales
Agustin Trujillo m. Micaela Martin Serrano (daughter of Capt., Pedro Martin Serrano and Juana Arguello)
Mateo Trujillo m. Maria Tapia
Cristobal Trujillo m. Maria Sandoval Manzanares

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 2; Santa Fe Marriages (NMGS); Spanish and Mexican Census 1750-1830 (NMGS).
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