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Juan Manuel Gabaldon ~ Will 1745

I, don Juan Manuel de Gavaldon, native of the city of Los Angeles, a legitimate son of don Antonio Gavaldon and doña Micaela de Cordova y Rendon, am ill. 

I declare that I have been married to doña Antonia Juliana Archiveque, for ten years going on eleven, during which time we raised six legitimate children who are:  Antonio Gavaldon, who died when he was on year old; Antonio Manuel; Juan; Maria Ygnasia; Estevan, who also died before the age of one year and Micaela – these I declare to be my legitimate children and place my wife as executor and second, Señor don Santiago de Royval, Vicar and the third the Rev. Father retired priest, Fray Antonio Gavaldon. 

I declare as my property my house which is composed of 15 rooms and two portals, a corral and patio and the land that belongs to said house.

I declare that I own a piece of land which was formerly, Jose Garcia’s the tailor, as shown by the deed.

I declare having bought from Francisco de Salazar a piece of land which connects with the camino real.

I declare as my property, half of a long hall situated on the other side of the river, also half of the farming land given to me upon the death of Juan de Mascareñas.

I declare being the owner of a piece of land on the other side of the Rio del Norte adjoining the pueblo of Santa Clara, which I bought from Matias Naranjo.

I declare as my property, 400 ewes and goats in possession of Bartolome Gutierres, as shown by contract.

I declare being the owner of eight oxen, seven steers and on bull which are in possession of Juan Antonio de Archuleta, at my own risk.

I declare being the owner of a cart which is in the possession of Juan Antonio de Archuleta.

I declare as my property, 13 mules and 16 male mules, all broken to the saddle and pack; with 11 elk skin saddles and three of Mexican leather, equipped with lassos, reatas and ropes; six blankets of coarse frieze and four made of burlap.

I declare as my property three good horses, one good mare, and a two old worn-out horse.

I declare as my property, one saddle, arquebus, spurs, bridle, saddle pads, shield and rapier which I use.

I declare one carpenter’s axe, two adzes and one small wedge.

I declare one fancy embossed stirrup.

I declare being the owner of one baldric.

I declare having 401 pesos in dry goods from Castile as prices of the kingdom.

I declare having 40 fanega of piñon nuts.

I declare having two fanega of tomatoes.

I declare as my property, 100 buffalo hides and 20 thick elk skins.

I declare 100 small and large tanned buckskins, most of them large; 12 pairs of stockings, one pair of socks and four baskets.

I declare five brass mortars.

I declare two leather jackets with seven ___.

I declare that which is owed me by various persons in the kingdom and in El Paso, ash shown by my account books an I order them collected.

I declare being indebted to doña Maria Roybal, my mother-on-law, in the sum of 1,000 pesos, as shown by note and it is understood that of the said 200 pesos is to be paid by don Juan Jose Moreno in silver, as shown by the note in my possession which was made by the said Juan Jose Moreno; the balance of 800 pesos I order paid out of my property.

I declare that I am indebted to don Alejo Escandon for the sum of 81 pesos and 4 reales in coin, I order they be paid.

I declare that I owe, don Pedro Gandarilla, 400 and some pesos in silver, for the payment of which there were left in possession of don Pedro Almoyna, 45 fanegas of tomatoes in 27 sacks, except for the waste that there might be in the tomatoes and I have also remitted by don Juan Duran a draft for 100 and some pesos against don Pedro Almoyna in case that said amount should not be paid because of said tomatoes being moldy; and if the amount shall have been paid with tomatoes, said draft remains in my favor and well as what shall have remained in possession of don Pedro Almoyna as a surplus from said tomatoes.

I declare I am indebted to the Senor Bachillar, don Francisco Pedro Romano, parish priest of Santa Maria de Las Caldas, for 30 pesos in silver, which is to be paid by Antonio Tiburcio de Ortega, resident of El Paso, as shown by his note in my possession.

I declare that said Antonio Tiburcio owes me a barrel of parreno wine, as shown by his note, I order that it be collected.

I declare and ask of my executors that the four yoke of oxen and cart be applied to the cost of my funeral and payment of Masses.

I request that 50 pesos in products of the land be paid to Diego, who is known to my executors.

I ask that the above mentioned debts be paid and the remainder shall be evaluated, and from it 7% must be aggregated which I amount and order to be for Masses for the repose of the blessed souls in Purgatory, excepting the Masses that I ask must be said for me, which are 116.

I declare all my household furniture and my clothing and my wife’s shall not be touched; as this is my last will and she is my lawful wife and legitimate heir and custodian of all property.

I ask my executors, if my wife should marry a second time to place the portion of property that may belong to my said children in the care of honest and responsible persons so that with the revenues of the same the said minors may be supported.

With witnesses, I certify and I, don Juan Manuel Gavaldon, resident of said villa, do sign on 14 July 1745.  Witnesses:  Gregorio Garduño, Antonio Felix Sanches, Antonio de Ulibarri, receiving judge.

Note:  he apparently did not die as he is in the 1750 Santa Fe census and they have several more children. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Reel 2, Twitchell 339, Frames 803-809
©Henrietta M. Christmas


  1. How can I got a copy of the original will? Thanks

  2. I need your email so I can send you all the pages separately. Or would you like me to send them to you a different way? HMC

  3. Hi Henrietta! This is Nancy Jo. You helped search for my great grandfather, Severo. It turns out that I have a slight relationship with Juan Gabaldon...via the Archibeques(Juan de Archibeque/L'Archeveque is my 6th great grandfather). I would love to also have an original of this document, if possible. Do you still have my email?

  4. Why don't you email me and I can get a copy over to you of the scans of the original docs.