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Francisco Xavier Fragoso ~ Will 1766

I, Francisco Xavier Fragoso, resident of Santa Fe, soldier of the presidio and legitimate son of don Domingo Fragoso, deceased and Beatrice de Hijar, find myself sick in bed. 

I ask that my body be shrouded in the habit of St. Francis and that I be buried in the parish church at the chancel door.

I declare that I was married to Francisca de Alari for 10 years, mas o menos, in which time we had three children who are:  Jose Manuel, Maria Josefa de la Luz and Maria Antonia Dolores.

I declare as my property, the house which consists of four rooms, one of which is demolished and a portion of land which is on the other bank of the river behind the house of Felipe Apodaca, which is 166 varas in length and 66 in width.  I leave this to my wife so that she may use it with my children; all the furniture in the house belongs to my wife.

I declare the weapons of a soldier, a rifle, pistols, sword, lance, leather coat, shoulder strap, leather shield, ammunition, cartridge belt and saddle bags.

I declare that I have a new saddle with all of its equipment.

I declare that I have a bridle and spurs, all this is in good condition.

I declare that Antonio Solano owes me 180 pesos for a house which I sold him.

I declare that I owe five horses, counting one which is in the possession of Lugardo and a mule.

I declare that don Carlos Fernandez owes me the value of 15 milk goats which he charges to me.

I declare that the said don Carlos owes me three varas of Canton crepe and thin silk which he claims he gave me at the time, but I swear that I did not receive it.

I declare that Mateo Varela of El Paso, owes me a flask of whiskey.

I declare that Vicente Armijo owes me a barrel which belongs to my compadre, Toribio Ortiz.

I declare that Juaquin Gaona owes me a bridle.

I declare that I owe Our Lady of Light for my dues and those of my wife, and all current charges.

I declare that I owe Pedro Quintana 34 pesos for a young female burro and a fanega of wheat.

I declare that I owe the Father one fanega of wheat as well as the grinding of it, which his accounts will show.

I declare that I owe Manuel Armijo four heifers.

I declare that I owe Pecos Indian a yearling calf.

I declare, I owe Juan Felipe Rivera, eight pesos and I owe his son, Jose Rivera for two mules which I freighted to El Paso.

I declare that I have two horses that I bought from don Clemente, if God remembers me they should be returned to him.

I declare that I owe Miguel Romero a pair of shoes.

I declare owing the money which is whatever my companions say, for a calf which we ate in the ranch house.

I declare owning the Indian woman of Juan Benavides, ten pesos.

I declare owing 20 pesos to Ysidora wife of Santiago Saez.

I declare owing don Jose Moreno four pesos.  I order all this paid from whatever debts are owed to me.

I declare owing don Jose Garcia 13 sheep, delivered there and 26 here.

I owe Juan Miguel del Castillo 11 sheep here.

This is my last will and testament and name as executors my wife and compadre, Jose Miguel de la Peña, so that they may comply with my wishes.  Signed this April 24, 1766, in the presence of, don Tomas Madrid and Ensign, don Francisco Esquibel of the royal presidio and witnesses by Jose Mares and Antonio Solano who signed it with two officers.

Francisco Fragoso (rubric), Tomas Madrid, (rubric), Francisco Esquibel (rubric), Jose Mares (rubric), Antonio Solano (rubric).

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Roll 2, Frame 472-474, Twitchell 275. 
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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