Monday, December 17, 2012

Petrona Cardenas ~ Will 1767

On February 15, 1767, witnesses signed the last will and testament of Petrona Cardenas.  She claims she is a resident of the new villa of Santa Cruz de la Cañada and a legitimate daughter of Andres de Cardenas and Juana de Abalos, now deceased. 

She asks that she be shrouded in the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Santa Cruz and she is to be shrouded in ordinary gray.

Her husband is Roque Jaramillo and their fourteen legitimate children are:  Lorenzo, deceased, Miguel, deceased, Julio, Juana, Sebastian, deceased, Manuel, Gertrudis, Francisco, Joseph, Antonio, Maria, Francisca, Gabriela, deceased and Maria, deceased.

She declares some lands that are hers and she wishes to leave the piece in Taos to her husband.  Another parcel near the Rio del Oso, puesto de Jesus Maria y Jose, she divides amongst her children. [parts of the first could be a dowry]

Other names mentioned:  Domingo de Herrera, son-in-law; Joseph Medina, her son-in-law (both executors); Manuel Garcia Pareja, alcalde mayor and War Captain; witnesses were Juan A He Mestas and Joseph Montes Vigil.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 198, Frames 1393-1395.
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