Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nicolas Duran y Chavez ~ Will 1768

I, Nicolas Duran y Chaves, a native of New Mexico and legitimate son of Captain don Fernando Duran y Chaves and of doña Lucia Hurtado, am sick from an illness.

He first names his executors as his beloved wife, doña Juana Montaño and second, his son, Fernando Duran y Chaves.  He names their children as Joseph Chaves, Gertrudis Chaves, Luis Chaves, Fernando Chaves, Maria Antonia Chaves, Juan Chaves, Vicente Chaves, Maria Chaves, Francisco Chaves. 

He declares a grant of land awarded him by the King; a house which three rooms and hallway and one bedroom and pantry which he leaves to his wife and upon her death to his son, Juan Chaves.

He has 600 head of cattle, seven steers of all ages. He has 1600 head of sheep, 300 of which he leaves for his funeral expenses.

One cart with five oxen.

Other names mentioned:  Jose Guttero, from El Paso owes him a short coat of cloth, a plush pair of trousers with trimming and English linen; Manuel Torres owes him buckskins.

Captain don Nicolas Duran y Chaves doesn't sign due to his serious illness - Josef Marcelo Gallego (rubric).  Witnesses by Josef Marcelo Gallego, Domingo Baca and Manuel Bernardo Gallego.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 201, Frames 1398-1401.
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