Monday, December 10, 2012

Jose Maria Baca ~ Will 1799

Jose Maria Baca, a soldier of the company.  He declares that he was married a first time to Maria Rita Silva for four years and four months and we had three children:  Francisco, Nicolas and Margarita, deceased - and I recognize as my legitimate heirs.

I was married a second time to Margarita Rael for 16 years and we had eight children:  Maria Michaela, Juan Rafael, Maria Juliana, Jose Tomas and the deceased ones are Julian, Roberto and Maria Magdalena (missing one child's name).

I declare the arms in which I served the King, a rifle, pistol, lance and pouch.

A saddle and all the various equipment.

Clothing consisting of a cape, hat, leather jacket, trousers, shirts, socks and other items.

Declares he has two houses, on on the other side of the river, which adjoin the lands of my father-in-law and one old house which I bought from my brother-in-law, Ysidro Rael. 

Other names mentioned:  Luis Baca, Francisco Arce, Juan Tenorio, Miguel Ortega, Juan Garcia a soldier, Rafael Benavides, Antonio Esquibel, Miguel Lopez, Juan Pineda.

He leaves as his executors his wife, and my compadre Salvador Tenorio.  Present are Sargento, Juan Antonio Alari and Cabo Bartolome Fernandes, at this villa of Santa Fe on 5 November 1799.  Witnesses:  Juan de Dios Pena and the other two.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Twitchell 123, Frames 880-882
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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