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Jose Antonio Alarid ~ 1822

I state that I am a soldier with the rank of 1st Sergeant in the Santa Fe Company, now on duty at this post of San Fernando.

I also state to have been married to Rosa Sandoval, for 38 years, from which marriage we had and reared eight children, who are:  Juan, Mariano deceased, Dolores deceased, Manuel, Florenica, Maria de la Cruz, Ignacio and Ysidro, whom I declare to by my lawful children and heirs.

I also declare for my property a cut-off regulation gun, one cartridge box, one leather shield, one saber, one scabbard, one pair of spurs, one saddle, and one pair of saddle-bags.

I also have of wearing apparel, one new uniform, a pair of trousers, also a new red waist coat, a pair of buckskin trousers, hemmed, lined and never used, a worn cloak, a worn hat a colored blanket, a white blanket, a serape of a blue color, a change of underclothing much used, an embroidered pouch, an ordinance manual, two pair of oxen, one horse, one mule, two spits, a big ax, an adze, a chisel, one branding iron, two plow points, my dwelling house which consists of seven rooms, and a shed, a stable with its piece of land back of it for an orchard;  a tract of tillable land measures from n-s 1528 varas; e-w 189 varas; another tract of land at the entrance to the cañon of San Fernando, which is from north to south 1352 varas, e-w 116 varas; one platform for forage with nine uprights with its roof and railing in the same land.

I declare that my son Juan owes me 315 pesos.  I order that 289 be paid to Tomas Sanchez for the house in which I live and its land.

I declare that the soldier, Tomas Maldonado, deceased, owes me 15 pesos, as it is shown by his last will.

I also declare that Antonio Duran, citizen of the Cañada of Cochiti, owes me four cows with their calves.

I declare that Anacleto Valensuela owes me thirty two 32 blankets (sarapes) and five sheepskins.

I declare that my son, Manuel, owes me two cows with their calves, a pair of three year old bulls and five goats with their kids, which he got without my pleasure and permission.

I declare that I owe Manuel Gallegos 140 pesos.

I owe Antonio Ortiz, I do not remember how much, but from my accounts and credits it will be seen. The last payment I made was four volumes of Colon (Columbus), which he took for 28 pesos a sorrel mule in 22 pesos; whatever I may yet to be indebted to him, I wish it paid; and this last payment I delivered it to the deceased Fernando Delgado in his own hands and it was he who loaned me that amount.

I declare that I owe don Atanacio 66 pesos; to Pablo Lucero 22 pesos and cow with a calf.

I declare that I owe, Jose Francisco Ortiz, 26 pesos; to the heirs of the deceased, Gertrudis Ortiz, 21 pesos; to Josefa Miera 12 pesos; to the soldier, Jose Jaramillo, 6 pesos.

I also declare for my property and balance of my accounts whatever the paymaster says, after he has gone over my accounts; and from that I request that all these items that I owe be paid...

 I declare that I appoint as my executors in the first place my son Juan, second, Corporal Jose Salaises of my company and third my wife, whom I request and charge and ask for love to do and act as I have requested.

 I declare that I had forgotten to mention the land I have in Galisteo, a ranch.  I ordered to be sold for ten cows, that being what has been offered to me. Also, that Miguel Griego owes me three goats with their kids and three one-year old.  I order that they be collected and that everything be distributed in equal parts among my said heirs.

Also declare to have a hall and a room at the town of San Fernando, which belongs to the lands of the Cañon, that all of it may be distributed; it is also my desire that of the best of my property and money six dollars be given to the mandas forzasas.

All of which I certify, fortified Post of San Fernando, March 12th, 1822, signed Jose Alarid (rubric).  Witnesses:  Josef Salaises, Jose Torres and Josef Xarmillo.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 57, Frames 447-449
©Henrietta M. Christmas

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