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Vicente Armijo ~ Will 1743

In a will and last testament of Vicente Armijo, he states he is ill in bed of an illness, along with the following:

I declare to be a native of Zacatecas, now residing in Santa Fe.

Declare that I am married to Maria Apodaca for forty years now and we had the following children:  Manuel de Armijo the first; Manuel de Armijo, the second; and Salvador Manuel de Armijo, all of whom I declare to be my legitimate children.

He lists various items that he owns are are owed to him; some of which are:
  1. Fifteen buffalo skins.
  2. Twelve coarse skins.
  3. Two wall tapestries made of four skins.
  4. Fifteen knives, fifteen awls.
  5. Nine bushels of piñon.
  6. Saddle, a rifle and case, bride and stirrups.
  7. A house and all the furniture, a portion of agricultural lands on the other side of the river which contains a house of five rooms and a large room or sala grande.
  8. He declares a long list of people who owe him money or goods from Taos to Santa Fe. 
  9. He owes Pedro de Almayna, a merchant from Chihuahua, the sum of 340 pesos for various things that have been partially paid for.
  10. He owes Juan Vigil, eight varas of fine wide linen, four spring lambs, three strings of chile, a reboso of ordinary thread.  He owes me ten coarse skins.
  11. Juan Domingues owes me a barrel of five year old wine.
  12. Declares that Francisco Perea owes him a mule and transportation of the same, unless he delivers this curent year of 1743.
  13. Declares that Antonio Trujillo (the Friar), owes me eight horses and two mules.
He leaves his wife, Maria de Apodaca as admininstrator along with his second son, Manuel de Armijo.  Signed on November 15, 1743.  With witnesses:  Jose Miguel Garduño and Antonio Feliz Sanchez.

If you are his descendant or are interested in this will, you should look into it as he has a much longer list of items than I've posted.  He appears to be a tanner of sorts dealing in hides, skins and their tools.  I would also check the Juan Parz Hurtado Expedition by John Colligan.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell #26, frames 246-251.
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