Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soldier, Juan Lujan land sale 1730

In Santa Fe, on February 10 1730, Corporal Juan Lujan sold a piece of land which his mother, Juana Domingues, gave to him as inheritance.  His mother, received the land by grant which the King gave her.  He is now selling a portion of the land to Antonio Belasquez, a soldier.  A room with a roof on it is part of the agreement; said land is 80 varas in length and 25 in width.  Bound by land of Juan Lujan, south the river, and on the east lands of Juan Lujan and west lands of Pedro Lopez Gallardo.  For the price of 30 pesos. Witnessed by Bentura de Esquibel, Juan Manuel Chirinos, Diego Arias de Quiros.

Jan 20, 1698, Santa Fe, Juan Lujan, 20, native of Santa Fe, s/ Domingo Lujan and Juana Dominguez, natives of New Mexico, and Maria Martin, 18, d/ Domingo Martin and Josefa de Herrera, natives of New Mexico.  Witnesses:  Juan de Ribera, 48; Diego Duran, 30; Luis Martin 65. Fray Chavez, New Mexico Roots, Ltd.: A Demographic Perspective from Genealogical, Historical and Geographic Data Found in the Diligencias Matrimoniales (LDS #6051367), Pg. 1012.

In 1715, Juan Lujan mustered with all his equipment and six horses.  

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 1036

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