Monday, November 12, 2012

Other Dominguez names from 1692-1750

Back in 2003 I had collected enough Santa Fe Burial records that a book could be done from those extractions.  Working along with many members of NMGS, the book was the first burial book to be printed by NMGS and since then I've used it a million times if not more. 

So working with those burials, I find the following burials for Dominguez people:

1.  Antonio Dominguez married to Catalina Sanchez, he was buried on July 26 1726.
2.  Geronima Barela, widow of Joseph Dominges, Apr 11 1727.
3.  Simona Domingues, married to Jasinto Pineda, Nov 20 1726.
4.  Dimas Xiron, married to Maria Domingues, Nov 20 1736.
5.  Luis Bernardo Dominges, son of Benito Dominges, Oct 25 1737.
6.  Phelipe Benicio Dominguez son of Antonio Dominguez, March 10, 1738.**
7.  Bisente Dominguez, son of Benito Dominguez and Magdelena Blea, Sep 28 1741.
8.  Benito Dominguez married to Magdalena Blea, Apri 5 1742.
9.  Antonia Domingues, more than 70 years old, widow of Tomas Jiron, Aug 23 1748.
10.  Manuel Segura, mulato, son of Manuel de Segura and Maria Dominguez, Oct 25 1750.

References:  New Mexico Burials, Santa Fe, NM 1726-1834, (NMGS)

To do:  **If this Antonio Dominguez who has a son dying in 1738 (the one I'm looking for), this means he was married much earlier than I first thought or he was married twice.  Make it one marriage for now, change date to about 1737.  2) Look for a more certain date of birth for Antonio Dominguez. 3) Find other Antonio Domingues guys.

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