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Miguel Archibeque ~ Will and Testament 1727

August 14, 1727 in Santa Fe.

He states that he is the son of the lawful marriage of Juan de Archiveque and Antonia Gutierres, former residents of this town, now deceased.

He was married to doña Maria de Roibal, for 11 years of which they had two children, Juliana and Lorenzo Claudio, now deceased, both of whom he declares as his lawful heirs.

Upon their marriage his wife's dowry consisted of:  20 cows, one yoke of oxen, a plowshare and an Apache woman.

His military equipment consisted of a  of saddle, harquebus and case, a shield, spurs and bridle.

He declares that the house he lives in, half belongs to his sister Maria de Archibeque.

He owns land from Santa Fe to Chama; and has planted fields with various items.

His inheritance from his parents was 700 pesos, 11 mules and various old pack animals with lances and lariats.

He mentions, Juana Lujan, his brother in law, Francisco Casados, his daughter, Juliana.

References:  SANM I, Twitchell #17, Frames 183-189, Will and Testament of Miguel Archibeque.

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