Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dominguez - New Mexico Roots

In the New Mexico Roots Diligencias Matrimoniales, went looking for Antonio Dominguez one more time. 

Pg. 65, Sept 30 1778, Manuela Dominguez, age 13 is marrying a Juan Jose de Jesus Aragon, 16 years old, in Jemez, she's the daughter of Juan Antonio Dominguez, deceased and Juana Valdes; not the same guy.

Pg. 435, Nov 13 1681, Antonio Dominguez de Mendoza, from La Toma, s/ Maese de Campo Tome Dominguez and doña Catarina Lopez Mederos marrying Juana Romero, d/ Capt. Felipe Romero and Jacinta de Guadalajara, natives of New Mexico; not the same guy.

Pg. 437, Sept 8 1723, at Santa Cruz, Manuel Antonio Dominguez, 21, from Santa Fe of unknown parents, marrying Maria Martin, 19, d/ Cristobal Martin and Antonia de Moraga; not the same guy.

Pg. 595, As a witness in Nov 1760 he listed as age 48, Antonio Dominguez, which makes his dob as 1712.  This is a Garcia/Sandoval marriage; this could be my guy.

Pg. 690, Jul 16 1694, Santa Fe, Antonio Godines marrying Maria Dominguez, d/ Capt. Antonio Dominguez de Mendoza and Juana Garcia, deceased; not the same guy.

Pg. 704, Oct 16 1704, Diego Gonzales de la Rosa, 19, with Teresa Dominguez de Mendoza, 15, d/ Antonio Dominguez de Mendoza and Juana Garcia de Noriega.

Pg. 847, Mar 17 1689, El Paso, Andres Hurtado, 27, marrying Juana Dominguez, >12 years old, d/ Capt. Antonio Dominguez and doña Juana Garcia, both deceased.

Pg. 968, As a witness, Juan Antonio Dominguez, 30 married in Albuquerque, June 1719.

Pg. 1107, Aug 1761, as a witness, an Antonio Dominguez, 40, Santa Cruz.

Pg. 1410, As a witness, a Juan Antonio Dominguez, 31 in 1801.

Pg. 1510, As a witness, 58 from Las Trampas, Aug 1769.

Pg. 1542, Jan 5 1727, Santa Fe, a Francisco Rendon, 47, widowed of Petrona Lopez marrying Catarina Maese, 32, widow of Juan Antonio Dominguez, d/ Miguel Maese and Maria Varela.  An impediment was brought up that the groom was the brother of Catarina's first husband.  During the Villasur expedition, Pedro Guillen, a soldier stated that Capt. Jose Dominguez, had sworn to him that Francisco Rendon was his son.

Pg. 1561, Feb 18 1762, Albuquerque, as a witness, Juan Antonio Dominguez, 38, of El Paso now living in Albuquerque; not sure who he is.

Reference:  New Mexico Roots Ltd, Diligencias Matrimoniales by Fray Angelico Chavez.

Think about, does Antonio Dominguez ever use Mendoza?

©Henrietta M. Christmas

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