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Dominguez Neighbors - Santa Fe

In a different archive, these following land transaction took place in Santa Fe in an area we know today as Water Street behind the plaza.  This is what title search looks like in the early 1700s.

About 1696, I, Ysabel Jorge wants some land adjudicated to her that once belonged to her grandpa Antonio Baca, which lies on this side of the river (plaza side), the neighbors are Lorenzo Madrid, Antonio Albizo and due to the widow of Antonio Griego (Josefa Duran) who has begun her planting.  I request that you grant me said lands as there is no better to person with rights to claim it.

On May 20 1696, Josefa Duran the widow of Agustin Griego, having granted her husband last year some land of corn planting land and direct the alcalde to look into this...doña Ysabel Jorge can figure out what region in this said villa, I can make her a grant of land without prejudice to another party, Signed Lorenzo Madrid and don Diego de Vargas.

About March 5 1699, Doña Ysabel Jorge, stated that she is one of the re-settlers of this kingdom and she had been granted to land by the predecessor a piece of land on which can be planted a little more or less one half fanega of seed, which formerly belonged to her ancestors.  The land is bound by the Rio Chiquito, Lorenzo Madrid, which was formerly owned by my cousin Juan de Albiso and on the other side the land extends to the large river.  The documents were destroyed by rats. Cubero grants her the land.

On March 20, 1699, the alcalde puts her in possession of the land, located in the villa of the south side of the plaza, which extends to the river and bound by Lorenzo Madrid to the east, west is Juana Dominguez and the Rio Chiquito.  Signed Francisco Romero de Pedraza and Miguel Tenorio de Alva.

Oct 15 1708, I, Micaela de Velasco, widow of Capt Miguel Garcia de la Rivas, sold one house situated in the royal plaza of this villa, which consists of a hall and two rooms with a piece of land for a garden, which I bought from Ysabel Jorge. The boundaries are east a house of Jasinto Sanchez, west the a house of Martin Garcia, south lands of Juan Lorenso de Medina and which I sell to Joseph Blasques for the price of $170 pesos.

June 28 1707, I, doña Ysabel Jorge, widow of Capt. Antonio Montaño and a native, have one small house and land for a garden which is one side bounded by the plaza, another the house and garden of Jacinto Sanchez and the Rio Chiquito on another, another side the house and garden of Martin Garcia, which I obtained through royal grant.  I convey it to Micaela de Velasco for another house and garden which is located in the said villa, which boundaries appear in the documents.  Witnesses were, Cristobal Gongora and Antonio Duran de Armijo, Antonio Aguilera Yssary. 

Dec 22 1706, I, Lorenzo Madrid, own a solar (lot) and garden with one small house bounded by the Rio Chiquito on the south by the river, west the camino real and the east lands granted to- I declare that I now sell this to Alonso Rael de Aguilar for the price of 100 pesos.  Witnessed by, Cristobal Gongora, Antonio Duran de Armijo, Diego Arias de Quiros and Antonio de Aguilera Yssary.

June 22 1713, I,  Juana de Carras, wife of Joseph Blasquez, absent from this kingdom.  I have a deed of sale with was made to my husband by Miquela Garcia de las Ribas for a house and garden, the boundaries which are in the deed; and having given one place to my son-in-law, Joseph de Armijo so that he might build a room he received by the wife of Juan Lorenzo de Medina (Antonia Sedano) and I ask that you order the aforesaid not to meddle in my lands, and allow my son-in-law to build his room.  Signed Juana de Carras.

I, Antonia Sedano, wife of Juan Lorenso de Medina, a resident of Santa Fe, from the families which were recruited in Mexico City. The document that Juana de Carras, wife of Joseph Blasquez, the claims that I want to unsurp lands which belong to her through purchase of which was made by Micaela de Velasco.  I'm not taking the land but asking that the walls of the house in which I live are weak and cannot support the vigas of the room which her son-in-law wants to build.  In order for him to do this, let him double the wall and build it. Please ask her to build said room to confirm her boundaries which are the walls in a direct line to the east.  Signed Antonia Sedano.  (Not dated, but governor has them check into it on June 23 1713)

On July 13 1713, I Juan Paez Hurtado, order Miguel Duran, master mason, to examine the walls of the house of Antonia Sedano and the outer part on which Jose de Armijo is attempting to build a house.  I also order that Jose Blasquez present to me the original title and grant for the house.  Immediately thereafter, Jose Gilthomey along with the others examined the house and the walls are weak and not able to stand the weight of other vigas...and such Antonia Sedano should be paid for half of it.

Reference:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 411
©Henrietta Martinez Christmas

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  1. Henrietta:
    Could you clarify one of these documents for me? I am referring to paragraph three. When you state "having granted her husband," are you referring to Josefa Duran's husband Agustin Griego? If so, then that would mean that he was living in 1695? It is interesting to see Lorenzo Madrid mentioned in this record since he was Roque Madrid's brother and Josefa Duran was Roque Madrid' mistress. Lorenzo seems to be protecting Josefa's property from Ysabel Jorge.