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Antonio Dominguez sells his land grant, 1750

On April 20, 1750 in Santa Fe, Antonio Dominguez sells his land to Phelipe Garduño, the lands which join those of Luis Armenta and Juan Lobato which were granted to him by governor Gaspar Domingo de Mendoza.  He received 360 pesos for said lands and the witnesses were:  Phelipe Tafoya and Juachin Martin.  Antonio Domingez signed his name and did Governor Joseph Bustamante Tagle.

In the 1750 Santa Fe Census, they are enumerated as:  Antonio Domingues, Melchora (Valdez), Maria, Juana, Maria, Juan, Maria, 3 children.  I have found that at times the number of children noted at the end means the last three children or three children not named.  But based on at least five children, they marry before 1741-1742.  

His neighbors are Juan Lozano and his wife Maria Manuela and the other side is Diego Lorenzo (Gonzales) and Maria Rosa (Brito) with their children.  This Maria Rosa Brito dies in 1753.

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Series I, Twitchell 345
Spanish and Mexican Census of New Mexico, (NMGS), pg. 6

To do:  Look for other records for Antonio's age.  Did he marry prior to Melchora Valdez?  Look for any Dominguez people from 1692-1750.  Look for the Juan Lobato land record as a new neighbor from 1742-1750.

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