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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1813

1813 Burials

On February 6, 1813, buried Maria de la Cruz Romero, adult 35 years old and wife of Miguel Trugillo, española. [frame 337]

On February 18, 1813, buried Pedro Josef, parvulo, 20 days old, son of Juan Trugillo and Getruids Quintana, vecinos of Pojoaque.

On April 4, 1813, buried Maria Antonia Gomez, about 80 years old, widow of Marcos Lucero.

On April 7, 813, buried Maria Josefa, Indian, parvula, 15 days old, daughter of Mathias and Maria Francisca Chaves, vecinos of the pueblo.

On May 2, 1813, buried Maria Dolores, parvula, three weeks old, daughter of Juan Francisco Martin San Gil and Maria Josefa Garcia.

On June 13, 1813, buried Maria de la Encarnacion, adult 50 years old, wife of Juan Pedro of Nambe, Indian.

On October 3, 1813, buried Josef Matheo, parvulo, seven days old, son of Jose Miguel Baldes and Maria Soledad Romero, español.

On December 19, 1813, buried Antonio Posseta, adult 35 years old, husband of Joana, Indians of the pueblo. [frame 338, Pg. 27]

At San Ildefonso, on December 22, 1813, buried Juana Josefa, parvula, one month old, daughter of Pedro Rafael Trujillo and Maria de Jesus Martin; española.

On December 28, 1813, Miguel, adult 50 years old, husband of Beronica, Indians of the pueblo. [frame 339]

1813 Marriages

On October 4, 1813, married and veiled Juan Domingo el Blanco, widower of Manuela Alonso with Apolonia Bernal, daughter of Antonia Bernal and unknown father, vecina of la Cañada; wit/ el fiscal and Governor of the Pueblo.

At San Ildefonso, on October 28, 1813, married and veiled Josef Maria Trugillo, single son of Jose Trugillo, deceased and Juana Manuela Maese with Maria Bictoria Lucero, single daughter of Santiago Lucero, deceased and Maria Antonia Mirabal, also deceased; wit/ el fiscal and Governor of the said pueblo.  (47)

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