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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1808

1808 Burials

On May 19, 1808, buried Rosalia Lujan, wife of Gabriel Romero.

On May 27, 1808, buried Maria Vitoria, parvula daughter of Antonio and Juana of the pueblo. [334]

On December 3, 1808, buried Manuel Garcia, husband of Maria del Espiritu Gro.

On December 13, 1808, buried Josef Trugillo, married to Juana.

On November 20, 1808, buried Antonio Josef Trugillo, married to Juana Sanchez.

On December 24, 1808, buried Juana Sanches wife of Antonio Josef Trugillo.

1808 Marriages

 On April 23, 1808, married and veiled Augustin Mirabal, single son of unknown parents with Juana, Indian single and daughter of Juaquin Chilague and Francisca; wit/ Indians from the Pueblo.

On July 11, 1808, married and veiled, Jose Santo Trugillo son of Jose Trugillo and Juana with Maria Manuela Manina, daughter of unknown parents; wit/ the fiscal of the pueblo.

On September 4, 1808, married and veiled Juan Antonio Martin, single son of Antonio Jose Martin and Guadalupe Santistevan, both deceased with Maria Polonia Quintana, daughter of Julian Quintana and Maria de Jesus Lucero; wit/ Bartolome Trugillo 60 and Gaspar Sangil, 50. (45)

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