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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1804

1804 Burials

On April 1, 1804, Jose Pablo, parvulo, son of Francisco Truxillo and Lugarda Romero, vecinos of this parish.

On April 14, 1804, buried Maria Sista, parvula legitimate daughter of Vizente Romero and Thomasa Truxillo, vecinos of this parish.

On July 1, 1804 buried Maria Rafaela Baca, widow, vecina of Santa Fe. [332]

On July 2, 1804, buried Maria de la Assumpcion, parvula daughter of Antonio and Josefa, Indians.

On September, 3, 1804, buried Antonio Maria, single of the pueblo of San Juan. [333]

1804 Marriages

On February 8, 1804, married Francisco legitimate son of Juan Manuel and Manuela with Ana Maria, legitimate daughter of Santiago and Maria Irena AND Manuel widower of Maria Theodora with Maria, legitimate daughter of Jose and Maria Dolores; wit/ Loreto and dos fiscales and Lorenzo el sacristan, all Indian of this mission and of Nambe.

On December 21, 1804, married Juan Pedro, widower and son of the Pueblo of Nambe with Maria Encarnacion, widow and daughter of this Pojoaque.  (42)

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37 , Marriages LDS #16870 
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