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Pojoaque Burials & Marriages 1803

1803 Burials
On February 9, 1803 buried Maria Antonia Ontiveros, widow of Ylario Archuleta and vecinos of this jurisdiction.

On May 15, 1803 buried Vicente Luxan, married with Maria Manuela, Indians of the pueblo.

On June 2, 1803, buried, Asencio adult Indian.

1803 Marriages

On January 2, 1803, married Severiano, son of Lesmo de Anf and Gertrudes with Maria Concepcion, legitimate daughter of Juan Genonimo and Melchora; wit/ Lorenzo and Antonio, Indians from Nambe.

On September 14, 1803, married and veiled Francisco, legitimate son of Paulin and Regina with Pascuala legitimate daughter of Francisco Montaño and Angela; wit/ Lorenzo and the fiscal, all Nambe Indians.

On September 14, 1803, married and veiled Benito, legitimate son of Francisco and Maria with Luisa, legitimate daughter of Juan Domingo and Maria, all Indians from Nambe; wit/ Lorenzo and the fiscal. 

On September 14, 1803, married and veiled Juan Antonio, legitimate son of Diego and Luciana with Francisca, legitimate daughter of Juan Luis and Regina all Indians from Nambe; wit/ wit/ Loreto and Lorenzo. (41)

On November 17, 1803, married and veiled Jose Ramon Quintana legitimate son of don Julian Quintana and doña Maria de Jesus Lucero with Ana Gertrudis Ortis, legitimate daughter of don Gaspar Ortis and doña Francisca Martin, all parishioners of this parish; wit/ don Miguel Quintana and his wife, doña Maria Dolores Rivera. (42)

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