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Pojoaque Burials and Marriages 1818

1818 Burials

On January 3, 1818, buried Bicente Roman Marga, adult husband of Maria Antonia Belarde, Indians.

On June 8, 1818, buried Maria Viscenta, parvula daughter of Jose Baldes and Ana Maria Armijo of Cuyamungue.  (frame 344, pg. 30)

1818 Marriages

On March 31, 1818, married and veiled married on the 1st of April, Josef Andres Martin, español, single legitimate son of don Pedro Martin and doña Maria Ygnacia Garcia de Noriega, deceased with Maria Antonia Ortiz, española, single legitimate daughter of don Mathias Ortiz and doña Maria Francisca Baca, vecinos of this mission and the groom from Taos; wit/ Juan Nicolas Duran, Gabriel Beyta, Julian Quintana, Gabriel Romero.

On May 3, 1818, married and veiled, Josef de la Cruz Garcia, español single legitimate son of Antonio Garcia, deceased and Maria Loreta Lopez with Maria Lucia Romero, española single legitimate daughter of Matias Romero, deceased and Manuela Roybal; wit/ Josef Apodaca, Antonio Lovato of Santa Fe, Bartolome Ocaña and Ysidro Mestas.  (Pg. 25) (51)

On August 10, 1818, married and veiled Jose Ramos Tafolla, Indian, single and 20 years old, legitimate son of Santiago Tafolla, deceased and Juana Martin, with Maria Antonia Montoya, widow of Bicente Roman and vecinos of this pueblo, all of them/ Lazaro Endo, 25; Jose Domingo Trugillo, 50; Francisco Tivay 30, Juan Jose Tepa 35.

At San Ildefonso, on August 10, 1818, married and veiled Jose Angel, Indian, 21 years old, son of Juan Manuel and Maria de la Luz Povijua with Maria Manuela Montoya, widow of Antonio Aguilar, vecinos  and natives of Pojoaque at the pueblo; wit/ Juan Domingo Trugillo, 50; Jsoe Santo, 35; Alexo 40; Manuel 35, all Indians.

At San Ildefonso, on October 5, 1818, married  Juan Lujan, Indian of the pueblo of San Juan de los Caballeros, widower of Maria Vicenta Chiñago with Maria Felipa Martin, Indian and native of this pueblo of Pojoaque, widower of Juan Domingo, native of the same pueblo of San Juan; wit/ Jose Domingo Eule, Bonifacio Sanchez, Jose Mathias Fernandez and Jose Maria Trugillo.

There are no burials or marriages for 1819.

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37, Marriages LDS #16870
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