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Pojoaque Burials and Marriages 1817

1817 Burials

On April 15, 1817, Juan Chiyo, adult and old, husband of Juana, natives of the pueblo.

On July 27, 1817, Theresa Luca, Indian of Pojoaque, wife of Francisco el coyotito, also Indian.

On September 20, 1817, the Indians buried Lorenzo, parvulo, seven years old, son of Juan Domingo Cuele and Joana Martin, native Indians of this mission.

On October 10, 1817, the Indians buried Juana Maria, adult wife of Josef Alexo.

On December 23, 1817, the Indians buried Maria Ysabel, parvula, daughter of Josef Maria Trujillo and Maria Bictoria Lucero, Indians. 9frame 344, Pg. 30)

1818 Marriages

On January 19, 1817, married Agustin Montaño, widower of Maria Felipa, of Nambe with Josefa, widow of Juan Antonio, natives of Pojoaque; wit/  Juan Antonio Emba, Roman Sacristan, Marcelino the fiscal of Nambe and the Governor of Pojoaque.

On March 9, 1817, married and veiled Gabriel Olguin, español single legitimate son of Juan Baptista Olguin and Maria Casilda Villalpando, vecinos of the jurisdiction of Picuris with Maria Biviana Garcia, española, single legitimate daughter of Francisco Garcia and Maria Getrudis Duran, vecinos of the mission of Pojoaque; wit/ Francisco Montoya, Felipe Trugillo, Julian Quintana and Antonio Quintana.

On May 4, 1817, married and veiled Juan Manuel Rivera, soldier legitimate son of Bitervo Rivera and Maria de la Luz Pacheco, vecinos of Santa Fe with Maria Loreta Ortiz, española, single legitimate daughter of Nicolas Ortiz and Maria Josefa Baca, vecinos of Nambe; wit/ Josef Tafolla 2nd, Feliz Esquibel, Juan Campos and Felipe Romero. (50)

On November 16, 1817, married Antonio Josef Chaves widow of Maria Dolores Embu with Maria Theodora, widow of Josef Antonio Mirabal, vecinos of the groom of this mission and the bride from Nambe; wit/ Juan Antonio Embu, Juan Domingo Cuele, Josef Maese and the sacristans.  Margin: states Indians.

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37, Marriages LDS #16870
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