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Pojoaque Burials and Marriages 1816

1816 Burials

On March 13, 1816, buried Jacinta, widow of Juan Galisteo, Indian and vecinos of Pojoaque.

On March 28, 1816, buried Maria Ygnacia, parvula, six months old legitimate daughter of Josef Antonio Gonzales and Maria Ygnacia Bernal; española.

On April 14, 1816, the Indians told me that Antonio Romero buried, during Holy Week, his son, Josef de la Encarnacion, parvulo of three weeks old, his mother known as Maria Antonia Gomez; españoles.

On June 16, 1816, buried Maria Pasquala, Indian parvula, 13 days old daughter of Josef Maria Trugillo and Biteria Lucero, vecinos of Pojoaque, Indians.

On June 22, 1816, buried Maria Encarnacion, parvula one year old, daughter of Francisco and Teresa, Indians of the pueblo.

On July 12, 1816, buried Josef Guadalupe, parvulo one year old and son of Roman and Maria Antonia, Indians of the pueblo.

On July 27, 1816, the Indians buried Francisco Antonio, parvulo three years old and son of Juan Ysidro Trujillo and Josefa Blea, Indians of the pueblo. (frame 341)

On July 26, 1816, buried Jose de Guadalupe, parvulo two years old son of Jose Antonio Chuba and Josefa Marquez, all Indians.

On September 16, 1816, Juan Christobal Trujillo, adult español married to Maria Josefa Santistevan.

In August 1816, Bicente Romero buried his daughter, Maria de la Luz, parvula two years old and her mother was Maria Thomasa Trugillo, españoles.

In August 1816, buried Antonio Josef, adult married to Maria Manuela Montoya, Indians of this mission.

In September 1816, the Indians buried Manuel, parvulo, son of Juan Cruz and Olaya Aguilar, Indians of the pueblo.

In September 1816, the Indians buried Thomasa, parvula daughter of Josef Santos Trugillo and Maria Manuela Balencia, all Indians. (frame 342)

On December 3, 1816, buried Ramon Quintana adult married to Maria Getrudis Ortiz, españoles, (frame 343)

1816 Marriages

On February 25, 1816, married and veiled Lazaro Endo, single legitimate son of Andres Endo and Manuela, both deceased with Maria Francisca Martin, single legitimate daughter of Santiago Huque, deceased and Juana Martin, all Indians of Pojoaque; wit/ Juan Antonio Enbu, Juan Ysidro Trugillo and Roman Jnonga.

On July 24, 1816, married and veiled on the 25th Juan Pedro Campos Redondo, español, single legitimate son of Josef Campos Redondo and Maria Feliciana Ortiz, deceased and vecinos of Santa Fe with Maria de Guadalupe Trugillo, española, single legitimate daughter of Juan Trugillo and Maria Getrudis Gurule, vecinos of the mission of Pojoaque; wit/ Gaspar Martin, Pedro Rafael Trugillo, Mathias Ortiz and Julian Quintana.

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