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Pojoaque Burials and Marriages 1815

1815 Burials - None

1815 Marriages

Notes:  February through March nothing.

On April 9, 1815 veiled Jose Francisco single legitimate son of Julian Quintana and Maria de Jesus, vecinos of Pojoaque with Ana Maria Baca single legitimate daughter of the deceased Baca and his wife, vecinos of the plaza de San Francisco, jurisdiction of San Juan de los Caballeros, padrinos:  Manuel Martin and Maria Quintana from Abiquiu, wit/ el sacristan mayor and fiscal.  Margin has Jose Francisco de la Encarnacion Quintana with Ana Maria Baca, españoles. (48)

On July 23, 1815 married and veiled Jose Santos single Indian from Santa Clara with Dominga, single of Pojoaque and of Juan Antonio and Maria Getrudis; wit/ el sacristas mayor.

Notes:  July through November nothing.

References:  AASF Pojoaque Burials #37, Marriages LDS #16870
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