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San Jose Springs Land Grant ~ 1768

On July 13, 1768, Paulin Montoya, Thoribio Gonsales, Bernabe Gallego, Antonio Gallego, Feliz Casados and Antonio Jose Casados ask for a tract of land near Jemez Pueblo.  The written document is signed by Marcos Thoribio Gonsales as the others could not sign their names, Cayetano Lorenzo Montaño signed for them with their consent.

The land was bounded by the black hills to the north where there was a spring; south the lands of Nerio Antonio Montoya; west a small round mesa; and east a large hill pointing towards Baca Valley. (269)

Upon taking possession the alcalde clearly divided the land up as follows:
Toribio Gonsales (Maria Luz Gallegos), 70 varas for a house and corral, 7 total people,
Paulin Montoya (Josefa Ortiz), 70 varas for a house and corral, 5 total people,
Bernabe Gallego (Lugarda Salas), 70 varas for a house and corral, 5 total people,
Antonio Gallego (Petrona Sanchez), 70 varas for a house and corral, 6 total people,
Feliz Casados (Ysidora Santistevan), 70 square varas for a house and corral, 4 total people,
Antonio Jose Casados, 70 square varas for a house and corral.  (283-284)

In the private land claim (PLC) Jose Albino Baca and Jose Manuel Montoya are parties in interest of this land grant.  The land itself constitutes about 30,000 acres.

Jose Albino Baca* shows his lineage whereas Manuel Montoya does not.

*Toribio Gonzales to Barbara Gonzales who married (Tomas Manuel Montoya) to Francisca Montoya who married (Vicente) Baca and their children, Albino. Romaldo, Andrea, Aniceto, Pablo and Cornelia all Baca, are now all living in San Miguel County.

An Antonio Gallegos, 90 years old and living in San Miguel County states he is the son of Antonio Gallegos, one of the original land grantees. 

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, SF 185, Roll 30, Frame 256-284); PLC #182,Roll #50, Frames 591-629.
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    I would like to thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share. I have a couple of questions.

    First, is this a viable land grant
    Second, my ancestor is Miguel Gonzales son of Marcos Toribio Gonzales. I see that Barbara Gonzales is mentioned in the PLC. Do Miguel's descendent have claim to the grant as well?

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