Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pojoaque Burials ~ 1799

March 20, 1799, Santiago, adult son of Juan Domingo Baldes, deceased and Andrea Lucero.

May 3, 1799, Luciano Archuleta, vecino.

At Nambe, May 3, 1799, Guadalupe (wife of Antonio Jose Archuleta) vecinos.

June 23, 1799, Gregorio, parbulo, son of Ysidro and Maria of the pueblo.

June 29, 1799, Maria Dolores, adult wife of Juan Ysidro, all from the pueblo.

October 12, 1799, Maria Magdelena, parvula, daughter of Antonio and Maria Encarnacion, from the pueblo.

December 8, 1799, Juan Antonio, parvulo, son of Andrea and Manuel, from the pueblo.  (330)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque, NM Burials
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