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Pojoaque Burials ~ 1789 & 1790

January 11, 1789, Maria Simona, parvula, daughter of Juan Miguel Aragon and Juana Manuela Gomez.

January 16, 1789, Jose Julian, parvulo, legitimate son of Xptobal Marcelino Archuleta and Josefa Gallego, vecinos.

January 28, 1789, Maria de la Luz, parvula, daughter of Matheo Romero and Paula Trujillo, vecinos.

January 28, 1789, Juan Esteban, parvulo, Indian of Pojoaque, son of Antonio Acuma and Encarnacion Ori.

January 30, 1789, Maria Loreta, parvula, legitimate daughter of Gaspar Martin and Franicsca Atencio, vecinos.

January 31, 1789, Jose Alonso, son of Jose Gabriel Romero and Rosalia Trujillo, vecinos.

February 10, 1789, Jose Manuel, parvulo, legitimate son of Manuel Martin and Maria Manuela Quintana, vecinos of Abiquiu.

February 23, 1789, Victoria, Indian of Nambe, adult and married to Pablo.

February 27, 1789,  Miguel Yelmo, Pojoaque Indian, married to Josefa, deceased.  (322)

March 1, 1789, Juan de Jesus, parvulo coyote, legitimate son of Juan Francisco Roñe, Indians of Pojoaque and Juana Martin, vecina.

 March 9, 1789, Maria Juana, parvula, vecina, legitimate daughter of Francisco Lujan and Magdalena Roibal, vecinos.

March 20, 1789, Domingo Lujan, vecinos and married to Antonia Quintana; he died suddenly.

March 27, 1789, Paula, parvula, Indian from Name, daughter of Francisco and Angela.

March 30, 1789, Juana Picha, Nambe Indian, married to Manuel.

April 1, 1789, Antonio, parvulo, Indian of Nambe, legitimate son of Juan Domingo Cayere and Andrea.

May 18, 1789, Maria Manuela, parvula, one month old, legitimate daughter of Blas Gonzales and Mraia Lucia Archiveque, vecinos.

May 18, 1789, Juan Antonio, parvulo, 15 days old, the holy waters were placed on him by Juan Cristoval Silva. (323)

August 15, 1789 Juan Francisco, Pueblo Indian, married to Juana Martin, vecina.

September 3, 1789, Geronima, widow of Jose.

October 1, 1789, Maria de la Asencion, daughter of Miguel Truxillo and Barbara Beita, vecinos of Pojoaque.

October 24, 1789, Manuela Griego, wife of Juan Manuel Mestas, vecina.

November 4, 1789, Francisco Gabriel Duran, husband of Encarnacion Duran, vecino.

November 10, 1789, Alonso, married to Antonia, from the pueblo.

November 20, 1789, Miguel Yelmo, widower, Indian of the pueblo.

Novemer 24, 1789, Maria Andrea, parvula, daughter of Juaquin Tagi and Juana of the pueblo.

December 11, 1789, Antonio Duran, single, 34 years, he died from an illness. (324)

1790 - only has one entry.

On September 26, 1790, in this mission of San Ildefonso, the body of Maria Francisca Trugillo, of Pojoaque age five years, legitimate daughter of Bartolome Trugillo and Maria Paula Medina. (325)

References:  AASF #37, Pojoaque, NM Burials
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