Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juan Joseph Gallegos, Angostura Land Grant 1745

About November 4, 1745, Juan Joseph Gallegos was asking for some land that would later be known as Angostura near San Felipe Pueblo.  As the records evolve in this land grant their are no heirs that come forth to ask or state they have continuous ownership.

A testimony by Tomas C. de Baca, 64, a farmer from Peña Blanca, states that Angostura is in Santa Ana County and the principal owner is Jose Leandro Perea. (777)

On February 28, 1874, Jesus M. Castillo, Justiniano Castillo, Mariano Otero and Jose L. Perea, have an interest in the land.

The following individuals all lay claim to the land in October 1878.  Florencio Sandoval, Pantaleon Miera, Phelipe Garcia and in November 1898, Justiniano Castillo states he has an interest in the land one more time. (784-805)

References:  Spanish Archives of New Mexico, SG 165, Roll #21, Frames 752-806. PLC 229, Roll #52, Frame 1240- .
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